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Friday Favorites

Ok, was going to throw a couple of my “favorites” up here, but am so obsessed with this ONE item that I am only putting one!

I started going to an Aesthetics Medical Spa {Shine in Cape Girardeau} to get a better grip on skin care years ago.  I have since been introduced to facials, chemical peels, hydrofacials, and a lot of other really good good stuff.

The best take away I have had from going though so far, is ‘dermaplaning’.

If you are a Bachelor fan, you probably remember @MichelleMoney {who by the way is my most favorite Bachelor alum of all time…like the coolest girl’s girl ever…still waiting for the day SHE is the next Bachelorette}.  She has a youtube channel and I remember seeing a post about her shaving her face…which is exactly what derma planing is!  And at the spa, they dermaplane your face before each facial.  And let me tell you, dermaplaning has not only helped my skin, but has totally changed the way make up looks on me.  It makes my skin totally smooth {no peach fuzz}, so make-up can lay perfectly.  Really and truly has been a game changer.  And with the help of Michelle Money, I have {quickly and easily} learned to do myself.

Click to watch Michelle’s video on how to derma plane

I have experimented with a variety of razors {including the one in Michelle’s video} before I found this one and it is HANDS DOWN my favorite!

I order on amazon {which means it comes in 2 days! Thanks Amazon Prime}, and is less than $6 for a three pack.  I derma plane every Sunday evening.  Takes me about 3 minutes…and I really look forward to doing it!! Aside from getting rid of all the peach fuzz, it helps to majorly exfoliate those top layers of dead skin.  Its super gross, but also really exciting to see all the junk that comes off each week!  I throw razor away after each use, tho you could probably use several times!

And two questions I get asked a lot:

  1. no my hair does not grow back thicker or darker…actually now having done it for some time, I feel like my peach fuzz is growing back less
  2. and no I have never cut myself, but I take my time.

Seriously. BIG FAT GAME CHANGER for my skin, and totally changes the way make up looks.  Give it a try!

Click here to link to razors on Amazon {whoop whoop if you have Prime}

Have a fun {and hopefully relaxing} weekend!