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Friday Favorites


So its been a hot second since I’ve been able to post.  Bouncing all around and living out of suitcases with kids leaves little time to get something together when you are as unorganized as I am!! ha! Hoping to get back in the flow in the coming week! Life is just busy, what can I say ;-P

Today, sharing a few favorites, and hoping to get a post up about our San Fran trip and our “Glamping” experience this weekend or early next week.

  • Favorite Summer Activity:  So each season we make a “Gill Live List”.  I came across this a couple years ago somewhere on insta {and for the life of me can’t remember}, but has been a good way for us to keep each season fun and interesting.  We love to check things off of a list.  We sit down as a family and come up with a list of activities we hope to do that season.  All crazy ideas {‘ride an alligator’ for example, are discussed and they usually end up vetoing themselves…but occasionally they are dead set and we throw it on the list…hey, ya never know!}  We also have our list hanging in our kitchen…found that we are more apt to look to it for ideas than when we just had it written on a piece of paper.Here is our list this summer {and really excited to work on that first item on the list}
    • Try every flavor of Sno Cone at TropicalSno
    • Swim Lesson with Miss Michelle
    • Fishing
    • Solo off the diving board
    • Have a sleepover
    • Go camping
    • Paint outside
    • Stay at Gigi and Papas
    • Have a carwash
    • Mega slip-n-slide
    • Play in a t-ball game
    • Movie night and watch the entire movie and eat popcorn
    • Drink a brown soda 
    • Go tubing at the lake
    • Keep Snappy alive {the pet turtle}
    • Go to the zoo
    • Hit Golfballs with Dad
    • Make banana ice-cream
    • Read books about ponies
    • Build a fort
    • go to the river
    • Jump in Muddy Puddles
    • Ride a horse
    • Parents vs. Kids water balloon battle
    • Go to the beach {guess who put this on the list ;-)}
    • Cape Splash image
  • Favorite {current} item of clothing:  So JUST got this little number when we were in San Fran with the fam.  The sales girl that had it on was probably the cutest thing I have ever seen…so clearly wanted each piece she had on.  I am not a big “tee shirt” girl, and always struggle with what to wear to St. Louis Cardinals baseball games and think this will be the perfect top for the summer!anthro red
  • Favorite coffee “accessory”: Ha! I don’t know if this is a legit category, but since I can’t get a Starbucks chi tea latte everyday with out driving 2 hours, this is what I add to my coffee on the daily.  Try it. It will change your home-coffee-drinking-world.coldstone-sweet-cream-product
  • Favorite website:  Amazon.com.  Duh. Obvi. Without Amazon Prime and its free two day shipping we would not be able to function.
  • and lastly, this is the two-piece outfit I promised to link on Sunday’s instagram.  This top and this bottom are super comfy and can be worn separately as well which is a bonus!image
  •  Have a great weekend all!