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Gift Guide: Hostess

Starting my Gift Guide series today with hostess gifts because if you are like me, the holiday parties have already started! And with Thanksgiving coming right up, you may want just the perfect thing to take with you!

Before you read on, let me preface this by saying I am anti “cutesie-crap”…our home is bogged down in ‘junk’, so the gifts I am going to share with you, for hostesses, teachers, husbands, parents, etc…are all things that will either be consumed, or used {hopefully}. I want to give gifts that people are truly excited to get and won’t just clutter their homes. None of these are sponsored 😉

If you know ahead of time, whose gifts you will need, I love an initial ornament to go on the outside of each gift. These are from Anthro or these are from PotteryBarn and only $2.50! So sparkly in person. I also love just a fun festive ornament! This is super cute…or just buy this big box of cute ornaments and you are pretty much set when it comes time to wrap up your gift.ornaments 1.These Champagne bears {that also come is Rose, um yes!’} would make the cutest gift! I would find a big silver bow, plop it on top and you have a cute gift, and a conversation piece…these are actually made with real champagne. Seriously…you can stop reading here, because  I think these are the most fun little gift this season! champagne-bears 2. Draper James “Thanks ya’ll” goodies:  Aside from the fact that my girlfriends and I are huge Reese Witherspoon fans, this is too cute {especially if you are from the south} to pass up. And all the inside goodies would be yum for any adult {and totally something I would hide from my kids} thank-you-2 3. You can never ever go wrong with a bottle of wine.  I mean…who doesn’t like wine?? I know we will go through a whole lotta bottles these winter months ;-P  Throw an ornament around the top with a big bow and then it makes for cute presentation as well! gif-wine 4. Since we are busy talking about how much we love wine, we got this as a gift a couple years ago and IS AMAZING. Here is a slightly cheaper version {I mean it’s only $14, come on!}. Seriously takes seconds to open any bottle of wine! No broken corks, or messes! We loved so much when we got it, that we got for a friend, and will probably pass along even more of them this holiday 4. As a mom, and a wife,  we can never have enough coffee mugs! HA! Gimme all the caffeine! I think this or this mug would make such a cute gift! I would fill it with those little individually wrapped candy canes or holiday hershey kisses!

5. Depending whose house you are going to, I love the idea of lipstick if the hostess is a girlfriend of yours!  This season is all about the deep plums and dark reds, so I think a fun lipstick would be such a neat little gift! I know most of my girlfriends would love! I think the gold tube on this is so cute and think this Dahlia color is ahhhhmazing. lipstick 7. Ok ya’ll, I was saving the best idea for last.  If you are going to a parrrrrrty, I mean a PAR-TAY, go in with some friends and get the hostess a cleaning lady to come in the next day! One of my best friends was kind {and crazy} enough to host a bunch of us, and our psychotic children, this summer at her house.  While we were there, some of us chatted and chipped in and set up a cleaning lady to come over the next day {we made sure this was ok with our hostess…and even when she protested, we insisted} and you know what, SHE LOVED IT! And I felt way less bad about my kids running wild across their home!  Because I think we can all agree there is no gift greater than a CLEAN HOME! Cue all the praise hands!!!!!!cleaning-lady Hope this was helpful friends! These are such fun for me to put together! I truly stand behind all the things I recommend and will be doing my shopping from my blog as well! What other gift guides would you guys like to see? Cheers guys! Hope your holiday season is already off to a rockin start!