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Gift Guide: Husband

I’m back with another gift guide for you! And I’ve chosen to do this one now because I think it is the hardest of them all!! If your husband is anything like mine, he either buys something when he sees it, or it’s an expensive enough item I would need his input to make sure I got the right one….I am not exactly an expert when it comes to hunting or golf equipment.

So, here are some things I’ve either gotten or may get for Chad this year {so Chad, stop reading if you are here}…gifts and stocking stuffers that I think would go over well with the man in your home!

1.Slippers! The very first gift I ever got Chad were these slippers…which he kind of laughed at, but has worn every single winter since he got them. Boom. Time for a new pair though this Christmas I think…am considering these or these. {I should note that he isn’t a big “slipper wearer”, but if you have a dog, or kids that want early morning donut runs, etc. they will wear WAY more than they think!

2. Athletic/Athlesiure wear: Whether your guy goes to the gym, or just works up a sweat raising kids and chasing the dog, this stuff is always on my list of go-tos for the hubs. I like stuff he can wear working out, as well as out around town!

I wish I could get him to wear these, but know it’ll never happen ;-P And someone explain to me why these are so expensive?! Do they make you run super fast or workouts easy? If so may be worth the cost!

3.Chad got these for his birthday. He says it was the best gift he’s gotten yet. Loves them.  Ideal for a gym rat OR a man that travels a lot.

4. This carry on suitcase would make a great and PRACTICAL gift.  Whether your husband travels for business or work, it’s nice to have a good piece of luggage to get you where you need to go! Or, if your husband is like Chad, here is a full sized suitcase because he is a worse overpacked than me!!

5. A massage gift card. Or better yet, just go ahead and make his appointment for him, and send him away.massage 6. When I asked Chad for things he might want for Christmas, he suggested this which made me actually spit out my soda laughing {if you know Chad then you will know why}, but he says he could use a new one about every 5-10 years just because things tend to go missing as they are used over the years…so, here ya go.

7. Got this robe for Chad last year, and it was definitely a win! robe 8.  Looking for something with play-value? This game is great to keep out by the pool, in your camper, or in your backyard for the dads to all play while the kids run wild!


Stocking Stuffers: WHOOPS! You guys I have so many ideas of your hubby’s stocking!! But I am outta time tonight so get prepped for a “stocking gift guide” coming your way very soon! Stockings are probably my favorite part of Christmas gifts, so I will also tackle your kids stockings and can help your husband fill yours with all the good stuff too!

In the next week or two, will have lots more gift guides coming your way: teachers, kiddos, grandparents and for YOU {looking most forward to that one!}. These are such fun to share and I am really hoping you are finding them helpful!

We are headed outta town again today for some more Holiday fun! We are going to get our fill of family and food…and we couldn’t be more excited!!!

Hope you all have lots of fun ahead as well!