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Gift Guide: Parents/In-Laws

Hello dear friends and Happy Freaking Friday!!

We honestly don’t have too much on the calendar this weekend other than getting a family pic taken and getting Christmas cards ordered!! How did this sneak up on us?? I am so not ready!!

Moving right along to our next Gift Guide…dun dun dunnnnnn, Parents and In-Laws. While they are almost impossible to buy for, I am going to try to give you some ideas!

1. Pajamas! Who doesn’t like a good set of pajamas? And honestly, even if they don’t, they can still wear em because no one will likely see them in them! HA!!! No but seriously, get Dad these slippers. You will win big points. And if your mom is like mine, she is always freezing. So, aside from a good set of jammies like these, grab her a cute throw like this one! I have heard amazing things about these Eberjey sets…they are pricey, but dare I say “COST PER WEAR”…and you are gonna wear those bad boys every freaking night! So, you love em, get em for em.

2. Chatbooks. If they are out of towners and don’t like to play on social media, add them to your Chatbooks account and have books automatically sent to their house when they come to yours! Its a gift that keeps on giving! Processed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset 3.Speaking of gifts that keep on giving, one gift idea for your Mom or Mother-in-Law that has gone over well with mine is to give them a year or 6 month or even 3 month subscription to Birch Box. My mom texts me every month when she gets her box filled with goodies! And when you give it as a gift, they can go on and fill out a survey and so their box is more customer to their wants and needs! My mom loves skincare and hair products more than the makeup so her box comes full of those! Also, its nice to be able to pay it all upfront OR in monthly installments since this month tends to hit high on the bills. birchboxbirchbox-2 4. Coffee Stuff: Maker. Mugs.THIS creamer {weird I know but will hook them for life and they will love you forever}. Why coffee? Because above mentioned my mom is always cold and everyyyyone drinks coffee. And coffee makes everyone happy.

**If you have $100 to blow on a coffee mug {not judging if you do…we all spend our money differently} I think this one is so neat! But really…..$100??

5. Alexa/Echo: Ok, I think this has all sorts of reasons why your parents or inlaws would love it…including anyone else on your list.  It can play music, answer questions, give you the latest news updates, keep recipes…the possibilities are endless! And it just seems so fun! I am actually thinking about getting our family one as a Christmas present. alexa   Gifts from the grandkids:

Magnets– You guys, I love this company. We have ordered everything from prints to squares to magnets from them and they continue to impress. Awesome customer service as well as great packaging! These magnets are a great way for your kids faces to be displayed at your parents or in laws. Only $14 a set and you can pull pics directly from you instagram accounts {so easy}, and its perfect to hang up your kids artwork with! My parents love and are always happy getting more recent ones! The company also makes calendars which would make for an awesome gift from the kids! magnets-2

My parents fridge

My parents fridge

Heating Pad– We took some of my kids old baby onesies and favorite jammies, filled them with rice, and turned them into heating pads.  Ok, WE didn’t, but a friend of ours did…and I think any seamstress could turn out in no time. And they make amazing gifts. My dad uses his on his back everynight, and my mom just heats hers to make her spot in bed warm, or to put down by her feet! And having it in the kids old jams makes them just a little extra special.

Beau's old onesie

Beau’s old onesie

Pictures/Photographer– Give them updated pics of the kids, or set up a photographer for a full family photo shoot this winter or spring. We did this on the Gill side a couple of years ago and was neat to get pics of evvvvveryone!

Sorry this post took so long to get up! With Beau giving up naps, life has been busy to say the least!  Working on stocking stuffers and hopefully get up first of the week!

Happy Weekend and Merry December friends!