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Gift Guide: Teacher

Hey everyone! Hope you guys all had an awesome Thanksgiving!! We spent our Thanksgiving in St. Louis with my family and had a ton of fun, and very little sleep! Ha! Sign of a good time I guess!

Today I am doing a gift guide for the teachers in your life! Before I had kids, I was a second grade teacher so I like to think that I know a little about what they would like!

1.Gift Cards. Seriously people I promise you have zero idea how much money your child’s teacher actually spends out of their own pocket on their classroom and students. It would blow your mind. Places like TargetWalmart, Starbucks, Nordstrom or Amazon I think would be pretty good ones that teachers anywhere would love! Likely they would spend it right back on your child…which is why I think a Starbucks/Smoothie King or Nordstrom one would insure it was spent on themselves!

And I am big on presentation, so here is how I would present them.

I found these CUTEST little mini {real} trees at Trader Joes for $5! They smell like Christmas and a gift card would fit just perfectly in the base! The tree itself makes for a cute little gift, and will be our centerpiece until they make their way to my kids teachers! Processed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset

taking pics with 5 year olds {insert eye roll}

taking pics with 5 year olds {insert eye roll}

Processed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset Or I love to give with a jar of Rudolph Mix. Looks pretty yum, and would be cute enough to set out and share with holiday guests. Processed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset My list could actually stop here…I don’t care if it’s $5 or $500, it’s seriously appreciated. But, if you are not into gift cards, here are a couple other ideas!

2.New Gloves. Watching kids at recess or putting them on/off the bus before and after school can be super cold during these winter months! I kept gloves all over my classroom, in my car, and in jacket pockets so I was never without them! All the ones pictured are under $25…but if you really wanted to splurge I am obsessed with these. omg.

3. Beverage holder…almost said thermal coffee cup, but one that keeps drink colds during the warmer fall and spring months is great too! Teachers spend more time with your child than you do…they NEED caffeine.

4. One of our favorite gifts we’ve given are these earrings. The kids love to give them because they are sparkly and “fancy”, and I love to give them because I think they are actually really nice. BUT, I get them at the outlet because you can get them for under $10! They retail for almost $40 at the store. If you go during the holidays, the outlet prices are seriously impossible to beat.

5. A restock on classroom needs and supplies. By now, the stash may be dwindling. And it’s your kids teacher who will likely be the one replenishing dried out glue and pens, and resharpening pencils over Christmas Break. Don’t be afraid to ask what is needed and grab it! Your teachers will appreciate it.

6. Time.You need no money to give this. Volunteer your time. I loved to have parents come by, even if just to pull kids out one at a time to read with them. Have you ever met a 7 year old?? Even if they come from the most loving home, they LOVE attention! Having a guest reader or someone to give that special attention to some kiddos in your class is always a HUGE gift.

Hopefully this helps you get a jump start on your shopping!
If you kiddo truly loves his/her teacher, get them involved in the shopping or have them craft an ornament for them! I seriously still have every ornament I got while I was teaching on my tree now. My favorites are the ones where the kids wrote their name on the back {little id handwriting may be one of my love languages}.

Back soon with more gift guides, our winter live list, and hopefully our Christmas card deets if I can get my act together and get a picture so we can get them done! Oh the life of an unorganized procrastinator!!