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Hey guys! I’ve had a couple people ask recently why I hash tag some of our pictures with #gill52, so thought I’d answer here.

My goal when I stared taking our family’s pic each Sunday was to get at least 52 pictures with either myself or my husband, with the kids in it. One a week for an entire years. I was taking a ton of pictures of the kids and realized how few I had of us…so that was my goal and why I started hash tagging.Processed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Well, like most things, the more I made sure to do this, the easier it has become. Now when I check our #gill52, we have far more pictures that I would have dreamed we could/would take when we started. Some are in front of our house on Sundays, and some are more candid. But I made it a priority…and got brave about asking strangers to take our pictures. I showed both Grant and Stella how to use the camera on my phone. Annnnnd I got over my “selfie” fear. Take them. You will be glad you did and wish you had started sooner. {click here to read about what we use to take our family pics}

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Like all things, in order to become a habit, ya just gotta start doing it. So DO IT. Get in front of the camera with your kids.  Hair clean, hair dirty, looking nice or looking like a bum, just take it. Next year, you will be happy you did. I wish we had started really taking pictures when Grant was born…or when Chad and I were dating! But now is now right?!

My kids are so used to taking pictures now, that its easy to capture them “how they are” in front of the camera. And remember pictures don’t need to be staged, or everyone looking at the camera to be perfect….my favorites are always the crazy ones or the outtakes or the mid-laughing, mid-roaring, mid-crazy ones!

**And here is a tip for you: When you are out, ask a young girl to take your picture! They are the selfie generation and will likely take at least 10!! I LOVE options, and they are usually happy to help!

Anyway, hope this helps! It’ll take an extra 15 seconds to snap a selfie with your kids or an extra minute to get a family pic…Come up with a hashtag for your crew so you can keep up with how you are doing easily!

Have a good rest of your week…tonight my family will be working on our Fall Live List, so stay tuned and I’ll share all the things they come up with!