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iPhone Pictures {Round 1}

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!  Easter was a big hit at our house!  Between the Easter bunny’s visit and my parents’ {Gigi and Papa} visit, the kids were beside themselves!! Their ages make the holidays so much fun!!


So, I get asked a lot about the pictures I take of my kids on my instagram.  I don’t own a camera so every picture or video I have of them is from my phone {an iPhone 6}.  There are several aps and products I have really come love and depend on when taking pics!  Hoping to share in a series on here, and hopefully someone finds it helpful!

Let me start by saying I am FAR FAR from a photographer, but really and truly enjoy taking pictures of my kids and have learned a little along the way.  Today I am sharing my number one favorite ap that I use to filter my pictures.

Everyone has different taste…some like bold pictures, some bright, some black and white…I’ve come to realize I love both bright colors and a very muted look for my pictures.  Just personal preference. Somewhere along the way I got introduced to the VSCO ap, and I use it on almost every picture I take.  There are a lot of options for filters on there, but my favorite {and really the only one I use from the ap} is the T1 filter.


I usually lessen the filter to a 7-8 by sliding the bottom car to the left a couple notches…but thats it really as far as filtering! Poof done!

Originally it took me a while to figure out how to do this, but now can take a pic, import it, and filter it in just seconds!imageimage

Hope that helps!  Stay tuned from more fun ways to change up your iPhone pics 🙂 and as always, am open to new tips so please send any my way!!!  Always always looking to take better pics!