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iPhone Pictures {round 3}

Today lets talk about taking a good ole family pic.

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At the beginning of the year I made a resolution {which I haven’t been totally great about but am working on!} to take one pic a week with our entire family in it. Hence the hashtag #gill52.  My goal, 52 pics a year {at least} with my whole crew in it.  It’s since evolved to pictures of chad or I with any of the kids…the kinds of pics I don’t have many of with my parents but wish I had more!  I don’t know many adults who love to get their picture taken, and my husband and I are not exception to that.  BUT, I want my kids to have pics of us with them!  And once I get past the initial cringe of seeing myself, I honestly love them too.

So MOST Sundays, we are outta our pjs and looking relatively decent, so is a great day to aim at taking a family pic.


Here are my favorite tools for this.  You are gonna need one of these little clickers {around $5 and can be at your house in just a couple days if you have PRIME…love me some PRIME}, and either a tall trash can to lean your phone on OR this tripod {or one like it…it looks just like the one I use} to put your phone on.

The little clicker links to your phone via bluetooth, and all you have to due is click while your phone is in camera mode and it will snap the pic for you.  If you have kids that are little and don’t love having their pics taken, let them click! You may see the clicker in a lot of my pics because Grant and Stella love to have a turn clicking! {see Stella below}


When kids click, they also tend to take a ton of pics which I love because the more choices the better!!

Last note…take these pics OUTSIDE if at all possible because the lighting is seriously 100 million times better than anywhere inside!

Hugs! and Happy Thursday!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset