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Kentucky Lake & a Lesson in Parenting

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We spent our weekend on Kentucky Lake for Chad’s family reunion.  Lots of sunshine, people and home cookin’.  Chad’s parents have a houseboat that we take out for the entire day Saturday.  There are speed boat rides, jet skiing, tubing and swimming.  It’s a weekend we look forward to every year. That’s why it was exceptionally disappointing when Grant woke up on the wrong side of the bed Saturday.

Grant is my oldest at just 4 years old. He’s my most dependable. my listener. my helper. He is funny and silly and always up for some fun.  However, this past Saturday, he just wasn’t having it.  He woke up cranky and just couldn’t shake it.  We see most of  this side of the family only once or twice a year, and as a parent, you always want your child to put their best foot forward.  I could feel myself getting frustrated with him and continually pulling him aside telling him to stop whining and to get it together.  Around1:30 in the afternoon I had had enough and took him (and the other 2) back to our condo to try and nap and see if that would help.  Grant went with me crying promising he would stop whining, but I was done.

Back at the condo, I got them some lunch and tucked them in.  Grant quickly went to sleep and while I sat on the back deck with Beau, I felt so terrible about how frustrated I had gotten with him.  Everyone should be entitled to a bad day every now and again. Lord knows I have many.  So I waited, feeling terrible, for him to wake up, so I could apologize for being so hard on him and hoping that we could collectively turn the day around.

Well, an hour or so later he woke up, and we did.  That extra time at the condo was what I needed as much as Grant, to get it together, and be a better parent.

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