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Last yoga pants you will ever buy

So as a stay at home mom, I spend the VAST majority of my days in yoga pants.  They are easy to move {chase a baby} in, comfortable and practical.  BUT, that being said, I also like to feel good and fashionable at the same time.

Cue Lululemon.

I bought my first pair of yoga pants {very similar pair here} when I got out of college…so like almost a decade ago! And up until a month ago I was still wearing them multiple days a week!  Well, finally, I ripped a hole in the…right on the back seam {cue the big booty jokes}.  I was getting ready to toss em in the trash, when my sister told me to take em into the store and tell them…I did, and guess what?

They took them from me, sent them to their seamstress, fixed them, and mailed them back to me {in another cute little lulu bag…which is a whole other post because they are worth the buy alone for the bag they give you at check out…use those bags for eVeRYtHinG} ALL FOR FREE!!!!


Lulu isn’t cheap.  I get it.  But I am also all about Cost Per Wear, and when you truly understand that concept you will look at clothing and prices differently {did a post on cost per wear on instagram months back}.  So in reality, these pants have cost me fractions of a penny per wear {not even kidding}.

Here are some of their classic yoga pants…you will never second guess your purchase once you put them on!