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Meet Stella

Meet Stella…also known as Lala, Stells, Lolly, Stella Michael {used when she is in trouble..and used often! ha!}

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I’ve decided I am going to try to ‘interview’ my kids from time to time, as a way to document kind of who they are right now.  This is definitely a “for me” blog post, but it was so fun to do, I’ve decided to share. {and if you decide to try with your kiddos, make sure to ask “why” when you can!}

It ended up just being Stella and I eating lunch together yesterday after a doctor appointment, so just threw out a couple questions at her:

Favorite color: “pink” {obvi, insert eye roll}

Best friend: “Juju”

Favorite animal: “horsies because they are soft and I can ride on them”

Favorite thing to do: “eat. mostly ice cream and donuts.”

Favorite thing to wear: “dresses.” {another eye roll because she felt this was obvious}

Do you have a boyfriend: “no {cackling}…actually I do have one, Henry because when I met him he was so nice” {Just FYI they ‘met’ when they were weeks old}

Tell me 3 things about you:

        1.”sometimes i play with my cousins and friends”

       2. “i like to go to the donut store”

        3. “i like to go to the ice cream store” {maybe shouldn’t have done this interview at lunch time}

What do you want to be when you grow up: “princess or ballerina because they wear dresses, like every day. They don’t have to ever wear rompers” {This made me laugh out loud so hard because I do force rompers upon her because THEY ARE SO DAMN CUTE}

How many kids do you want when you are a mom “60. i will keep them all tho.” {well thats good}

Stella, you’ve told me that today is “the best  day ever” about 6 times and that “we are sisters”, which I’m pretty sure means we are besties.  You’d grab my hand up walking to the car, swinging it and just grinning up at me. We had a dance party at smoothie king and ate our way through the day. I know you had a big time today with me…but know that I had a much bigger time.  Seeing you so happy and getting to have some quality girl time with you is such a treat for me.  Some day you will be a mom and you will understand.  You are one fun girl.  And whatever people you let into your life as you get older, will be lucky, that’s for sure…and  they will always be entertained.

Love you La.

Stella and Juju

Stella and Juju

Stella and Henry

Stella and Henry