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Mother’s Day


I did not want any big money items for Mother’s Day.  Like all moms, I wanted sleep and some “feet up” time.  Well I woke up at 8:30 {and felt like a new woman I might add} to the most excited kids.  They COULD NOT wait to show me Mother’s Day surprises.  Artwork in the playroom, flowers and some clothes they picked out for me {a la Walmart}.  Chad grinned behind them as Stella held up the dress she had selected, so proudly, and the wrap Grant had {I think he thought it was a ‘girl cape’} and later whispered to me that he had kept the receipt.

I smile now thinking of how excited they probably were this morning picking out these treasures.  They then told me I could wear them to church…which was a special Sunday because both Stella and Beau were going to be apart of the child dedication.  Then a big family brunch after.

hmmm…see, I had the CUTEST dress picked out and hanging in my closet that I was planning on wearing today that felt just perfect for MOther’s Day. It was floral, springy and beautiful.

But I think I was told about 9 times this morning when I tried on the kids outfit how pretty I looked.  Their smiles.  You know, the ones where their eyes sparkle. Oh my gosh.  Can’t beat those.

So I left on Stella’s dress and Grant’s wrap.  Chad asked if I was seriously going to wear it, up front, in front of our friends and church. And I said absolutely!  He said the kids probably wouldn’t even care if I changed and wouldn’t even remember tomorrow if I didn’t wear their clothes…and he is probably right.

BUT I hope they WILL remember how they FELT this morning.

Proud. Excited. Loved. Valued.

Pretty much how I hope they feel everyday…………………………………..

I was both blessed and curses with the best mom on the planet.  My childhood was rainbows and unicorns.  No joke.  She set a standard I can never live up to by work constantly to get as close as I can.

Happy MOther’s Day to all the mamas out there. Especially mine.  And a special thank you to my kids for giving me so much more than I could ever give them.