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Happy Tuesday people!

I got to spend the weekend in Birmingham, Alabama with a group of my girl friends {my “teacher friends” as my kids call them} doing a little shopping and a little spa-ing. It was such a fun weekend, spent laughing and talking pretty much non-stop! We stayed at Ross Bridge Golf Resort and Spa, and it was beautiful!! The course, the hotel, the views! If you are ever headed to Birmingham, I highly recommend it!

This is pretty much what we looked like the entire time. ;-D

{top and bottoms from last year, similar top and pants here}

While we were out shopping, I was chatting with one of my girlfriends about my “to dies” when it comes to shopping…ya know, the kinds of details you seem to always LOVE when it comes to clothing. For me, my loves are: raglan stitching at the sleeve, tie straps, ruffles, and high waisted pants. I have loved all 4 since high school, whether they were instyle or not.

This sweatshirt I found, has raglan sleeves, a puffy sleeve {which kind of feels ‘ruffly’}, is a great grey color, AND IS LESS THAN $40! DEAD. oh…and it comes in blush. omg.

Going to share a little about why I love each, and some of the things I have or am coveting in each category.

1. Raglan sleeves- I have super sloping shoulders, so sometimes the stitching on the shoulder of regular tops hits me in the wrong spot. Raglan always fits so well! I love when I find things with that stitching. Here are a couple cute raglan tops and dresses:

2. Tie Straps- Kind of like raglan sleeves, I have a hard time with spaghetti straps {ahem sloping shoulders}, but when they can tie and I can make them tighter, they have a better chance of staying up…plus I freaking love bows and think it adds some girly-ness to tops and dresses! Here are some cute tie options I’ve come across:

3. Ruffles-  I have loved ruffles and bows and peplum cuts for as long as I can remember, but since they are so “in” right now, they are so easy to find!! I love a girly element added to a top! Here are some of my faves online right now:

4. High waistlines- Another thing that has come back in style in the last couple years are higher waistlines! I am super high waisted and love what a highwasited pant does for my legs! I also love a super wide leg pant…think Rachel Zoe. I die, right?! Here are some pants {from all walks of life} that have a high waist I love:

Alright friends! Those are my LOVES/FAVES/OBSESSIONS when it comes to details and clothing. Every so often you come across a piece that has more than one of the above and theeennnn I get really freaking excited! Like the sweatshirt linked at the top of this post. Which is extra perfect because it also fits in seamlessly with my #parklife lifestyle.

What are your fashion faves?



7 thoughts on “My Favorite Details…

  1. Tanya Carr

    I want that sweatshirt bad. Soooo cute. I’ve never ordered from Asos. Can you tell me what size your wearing or how it runs so I can decide which size to get. Any info would be great. Thanks so much!!!!

    1. Admin Post author

      Oh you will lovvvvvvve asos!! They are my fave! I am wearing a small. I ordered the small and the extra small and decided on the small after trying them both on like 6 times {I am THAT girl} because I like how the sleeves ballooned a little more. And it’s 80% cotton and I am bad about remembering that things are in the dryer… ha! I am usually like a size 4, or small…does that help at all? It is so worth the order because it is every cuter in person!!

    2. Tanya Carr

      Hahaha. I hear ya on trying on 6 times 😜
      It does help, but I have long arms and hate for things to hit me at the wrist and look like it doesn’t fit well. Ya know. So, I’m a 4 typically all the time also, but usually get mediums for length and because I ALWAYS forgot not to dry things. I’m 5’6. What’s your opinion. Small or medium. You think their clothes err on the larger or smaller side. Sorry for all the questions 😳!!!!

    3. Admin Post author

      It’s hard to say because the site sells all different brands so everything fits a little differently! The sweatshirt does come in a tall option so maybe a small tall would be the way to go!! I’m 5’5 and the sleeves are plenty long…but I’m not sure if I have long arms or not 😉 bahaha! Hope that helps! Honestly I would order both and then return…they send the return shipping label and it’s free to ship back…I’m a bad decision maker!

    4. Tanya Carr

      Thanks so much. You’ve helped a lot!!!!
      Their website is currently unavailable when I tried to put in my cart to purchase, so will have to check back 😏😔
      Can’t wait to get. Looks so cute on you!!!!

    1. Admin Post author

      It’s from Mango last year, but I linked one they have out this year that is similar for you under the pic on the blog! It is actually pants and a tank {so is what I am wearing}, which I love because I sometimes wear them separately!
      Hope that helps!

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