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North Pole @ Union Station

Happy Tuesday friends!

I am going to get this post up quick as possible, because there is not a ton of time left to go and we LOVED our experience! Last night we went to Union Station’s North Pole/Polar Express/Santa Express/’Twas experience {not sure what it was actually called…this blog is clearly super professional}. Also, since I am technologically-challenged, I can’t get any of my videos to load…which is what I mostly took, so run now to my instal-story before it disappears to see some snippets of the fun!

We have never gone in the past, because we live 3 hours away and when I looked up tickets, I always looked at the premium ones and assumed my parents would go…and well folks that would cost us like almost $500…um no. But this year, I was feeling like we could use a dose of Christmas magic and decided to get the cheapest train tickets {$39 each…for just me, Grant and Stella since B is still free…both my parents and Chad had to work}. Plus I found a promo code which I stuck on the end of this post.

We’d never been and had zero expectations. I had heard mixed reviews but went with an open mind. I knew there were other activities there {which I will get into}, but figured if all we did was the train, then I would still consider it a success.

So, lets get to it…and you guys…I wish the pictures could better convey how much they loved it. They LOVED it. But we totally engaged. In every elf. In every activity. In every song on that train. And like all things, when you go in it with an open mind and two feet…it’s an almost guaranteed good time.

Ok, so we got our train tickets online and showed up at Union Station right at 3 when they opened. We had booked the 4:45 train, so got there to check out some of the fun before it started. All of the things we did were free.

You could buy passes for {or if you had the expensive tickets I think they were included} for: VIP Elves Club, Ice skating, Ice Tubing, Gingerbread making…and I think that is all. It was FREEZING so I was happy we didn’t attempt to ice skate or tube. Honestly the kids were so excited to be there they weren’t upset {I don’t even think they realized} that we didn’t do the things that cost money. You can also do a dinner an light show…but flying solo, and having Beau, made that a very easy no for me 😉

Here is what we did do:

Elf School- {my fav}, Buddy the Elf greeted them and chatted a bit before they sat down to color a Christmas picture. When they were done Buddy hung them right up on the wall and answered all the questions they had about elf life. Even Beau loved this one.

Santa’s Maze- I thought this was pretty boring but the kids went through again and again and again. and again.

Santa’s Newsroom: Can see yourself on tv as the weather man or news anchor. The kids LOVED this one too! Beau kept hollering at the tv when he saw Grant and Stella on it.

Santa’s Office: Can sit at Santa’s Desk and write your name to put in the Nice or Naughty bin. They also got to see where Santa kept Rudolph which the kids thought was cool. I love how they just so willingly believe!!

The Mail Room: We actually skipped over this one, but you could write a letter to Santa.

Christmas Putt-putt: We also skipped over this one but I think it looked fun!

Gingerbread House making: This cost $20 I think {whhhhhat} but we made friends with an elf who let us do one as a group for free…think she was probably an angel disguised as an elf 😉 We really just decorated pieces and ate them tho!

Then we boarded our train at 4:30, got settled in our seats {they are assigned on your tickets you get when you get there}, and took off at 4:45. The “Train Conductor” in our train car was hysterical and so entertaining, as well as our elf and chef! The kids got hot chocolate and sugar cookies served on our ride! And they sang and danced the whole time!

I couldn’t get enough pics or take enough video!! They had the time of their lives! It was such fun to see them having such fun! The train took us to the “north pole”, where Santa jumped on and made the rounds, and then back to Union Station. We had about an hour and a half added to our time on the train because of an accident {not involving us} on the tracks…so that was a little cray, but overall it was such fun!! The people working in the cars were amazing and so fun with the kids!

When we got back to Union Station, we ran in to use the bathrooms and run through Santa’s maze a few more times {seriously it was unimpressive but the kids LOVED…and that is what its about right}, and then jumped in the car and headed home.

It was a night I will never forget and worth every single cent I paid…if you have older kids I would have considered the ice skating and ice tubing…but if it’s this cold it’s easy to pass on. And I have to mention all of the elves inside Union Station…they were jolly and excited and helpful and made it such a fun atmosphere for the kids! I think we spent just the perfect amount of time there, and since we got there right when they opened we had no lines for anything and it was easy for me to keep eyes on all 3!

Also, when I booked, I googled “Union Station Santa Express Promo Code” and US10 got me 10% off! May be worth a shot!

Hope this was helpful! It turns out this is open the week after Christmas as well, so that is an option if you want to check it out! Feel free to comment here or on my instagram posts if you have any questions! It was seriously such a fun night!

xoxo: oh, and yes there is nothing I think i love more than a baby in old man jams…these are Grant and Beau’s pjs and these are Stellas. DEAD over Beau in them…cue all the heart eyes. And the boys are on MAJOR FREAKING SALE. Dang.