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On my mind MONDAY

  • Welp, fell off the wagon.  AND IT FEELS SO DAMN GOOD!  Ha! Seriously, I missed soda majorly.  Made it 28 days.  The ONLY positive that came from this break was I swear my teeth got whiter {since I wasn’t sipping on soda all day long}.  BUT lesson learned that my body needs it to function properly…so I am going to try to keep it to 20 oz a day…we will see how that goes.   AND Thanks for all the water advice! I tried most of the suggestions but am just not a fruity person…what worked best for me was chugging a bottle at a time {or at least half bottle} at room temp.
  • Do you struggle at bed time with your kids? A very random solution we found at our home to help with those bedtime worries—- Grant and Stella share a room, but just recently they have been acting like they are afraid of the dark.  I totally relate to this because I was afraid of the dark for fooooorever.  So, one night Stella didn’t want to go to sleep because she was worried she would have bad “bear” dreams.  As a mom, sometimes you gotta think real fast on your feet, am I right?! Well, I told her I would make sure she wouldn’t.  I told her to think happy thoughts as she fell asleep, and that each night, when they fell asleep, I sprinkled some magic dust over their heads to make sure they had wonderful dreams.  Of course both kids perked up, and then wanted to see said magic dust…so I ran downstairs and opened the pantry and sprinkled a mix of those really fine/sparkly cookie sprinkles in my hand.  Took it back up and when I presented it to them.  TOTALLY BOUGHT IT.  I told them they couldn’t touch it or it wouldn’t work.  They both laid super still while I sprinkled in their hair and seriously dozed right off. Now I did have to wash the sheets the next day…and from time to time they will ask if I still do the dust {which I always say Of Course!}, but bedtime has been smooth as can be since!!
  • On an adult level, is it just me or does BRAVO have like 9,000 good shows on right now.  I can not keep up with my DVR.  And Top Deck starts Tuesday…oh my.  What are your favorites?
  • And lastly, and totally off topic, is HOW MUCH PEOPLE SPEND ON PROM DRESSES.  I die.  Seriously.  They are popping up all over my fb feed, trying to sell after being worn…for like $350!! My prom dress budget was $100…and I get that that was like a million years ago…but I can not get past what they are spending now{Omg I just read that and I sound so dang old!}.  AND, as if I couldn’t be more blown away, I just found out that they CHANGE OUT OF THEM when they get to the dance and put on a different dress?!?!?! I have no words.

**side note: as a mom I have learned to eat a lot of my words like “I’ll never be a mom who turns on the tv every time I get in the car…” HAHAHAHA! Oh how naive I was.  So that being said…I may eat my words and one day fork over a house down payment on one of these gowns…but for the right now, I just can’t fathom**AND please know no judgment here {just shock!ha!} because what I am sure some people think how I spend my money is cray!

Happy Monday all!