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On My Mind Monday

Happy Monday all!!

Hahahaha! Yeah right…don’t know many people who are very happy it’s Monday! Well, except for maybe my crew because we are about to head out today on our own little Spring Break of sorts! We are heading to Kansas to visit my sister and her crew! And I don’t know who is more excited, them or me! Here are a couple things on my mind this Monday:

1.These sandals came in finally last week! And I LOVE them!! They are the perfect beach/pool sandal and look surprisingly expensive! I had already gotten these similar ones from Target {which I think every girl between 18-48 will own this summer}, but love options so am definitely keeping! Which pair do you like better?

2.I went to a birthday party this weekend and it just may have been the cutest little girl’s party I have ever been to. My friend Casey is a master when it comes to throwing a party, without being overwhelmingly “pinteresty”. Every party we have ever been to of hers has been amazing…she had a New Years Eve party for the kids {“A countdown to Noon”} and had this balloon drop: So you get what I’m saying…awesome parties. Well her oldest turned 5 and wanted an American Girl party, so all the little girls brought a doll to the party. She had a station where the girls could make a mini bear for their dolls out of puff balls…and can we talk about the mini build a bear box they got to go in! Dead. Here is a link to the template. The girls could also make a bracelet for themselves or their doll with their names on it. And when it came time to eat, beside each setting for the girls was a tiny plate and cup for their doll. On the side of the table, they tapped bandanas as seats for their dolls! It worked perfectly! When it came time to eat, the girls had cupcakes and the dolls had mini ones. When the party wrapped up, the goodie bags were these doll sized American Girl bags filled with goodies for their doll {and a lip gloss for them!}. Mini crown, notebook and paint set! Darling!! The entire party was just as darling as could be from start to finish! Well done Casey! You will be the first I call for help with my kids next party ;-P 3. I’d heard before that Sephora will give you samples of anything that they can, in there store if you just ask, but I have had a hard time remembering that. Anyway, I went last week and was starring at and debating forever between this mask and this mask. Met the nicest sales clerk ever and she right away suggested samples of both to try! I used the sample of this one that night and liked it so much I went back and bought this sample pack of all of them to try! Here are a few things I’m hoping to go back and get samples of to try!

My point, ask! Some of those face products are pricey and I feel way better about spending the money if I’ve tried it and liked it!

Well friends! Gotta wrap it up and finish our packing so we can hit the road! Hope you all have a wonderful week!! Hoping to get an email subscription box up and going in the next week so you can know when new posts hit the Blog without me blabbing about it 😉 Testing my techy skills once again!! Ha! Stay tuned.