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On My Mind Monday

Happy Monday all! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!! We had such a FULL week with all the fun stuff leading up to Sunday and this amazing weather! We put in some major hours on the driveway and piled on the golf cart!! First on my mind is the how much freaking Easter candy I ate!! Woah boy, I am heading back to the gym this morning a little scared! Ha!! Workouts are always extra hard after a weekend of making poor food choices ;-P Still sticking with Kayla Itsine’s BBG program…starting off today with week 35 Leg Day! Wah!! I dread leg day the most…but also like it the most since it’s the part of my body I hope to make the biggest change with! Are you on a workout plan? And are you feeling like you are riding the struggle bus with me?? Really dreading the drive to the gym this morning, but know I’ll be so glad when I leave…so lets do this Monday! Also, I had a lot of messages on what we all wore for Easter! Honestly it called for tons of rain on Easter here for the 10 days leading up to Easter so that kind of helped me decide what I wanted to wear! I found this jumper here and thought the length would be perfect for a wet Easter Egg hunt and I really loved the color! It was so comfortable and made chasing Beau a breeze! Here are some other rompers with a similar-ish vibe:

Stella’s little leotard/dress was from H&M and a gift from the Easter Bunny…and obviously the Easter bunny didn’t think things through, because he should have known the cute dresses in her closet would not be suitable after she say it {insert eyeball emoji}. Listen, each parent has their own style and ways of parenting…and for me, Easter morning is one of the most fun of the year as a kid, and my Stella LOVES clothing, so it wasn’t going to be a battle I wanted to take on. I want her to remember loving all parts of her Easter, and feel good in what she wore…I know I wanna feel good in what I wear. So, we waved the white flag and gave in and I am so happy we did. Bowie was in some of Grant’s old polo hand me downs {similar here and here} and Grant wore an old top and some new shorts {which I love because of their elastic waistband! YAY!}. Click here for Beau’s dino shoes, which are now on sale, and here for G’s. Annnnnnd let’s talk about Bowie’s new haircut. OMG. I love when the boys get a new haircut! But I hate how much older it always makes them look! Wahhhh! Let’s also talk about music. I get asked frequently about the music on my insta story and if I have Spotify. I don’t. And actually feel really out of touch with current music but have a couple favorite songs I use over and over so thought I would list them here for those interested!

Reflections by Mister Wives {my FAVE}

Body Like a Back Road by Sam Hunt

Fast by Luke Bryan

September Song by JP Cooper

Vacation by Thomas Rhett

Sleep without You by Brett Young

Lastly, with the weather warming up…it has be reorganizing my closet and looking for some new goodies! Did a little online shopping…thought I’d share…

I got this dress from the ShopBop sale that I am anxious to try on! It’s either going to be super cute or super ugly…will let you know. Will have to be a stunner on to justify keeping.

**Speaking of ShopBop! Let me say this. Their customer service ranks OH SO HIGH with me! I’ve shared before about the fact they returned a pair of sunglasses that I had ordered but sat on! Totally my fault, but they returned for store credit which I really appreciated! Also, I accidentally put an Asos.com return inside my last ShopBop return, and can you believe that they emailed me and asked if I wanted them to forward on to Asos or if I wanted it sent back to me! SO AWESOME. And SO KIND. I am a lifelong customer fo sho** {stepping off my ShopBop soapbox now…}

I ordered this purse for the summer and was so excited to use it Easter…but messed up on the shipping and it should be here today {eye roll}.

I also ordered this romper to try! In theory I am obsessed with it…but I’ve tried on SO many rompers like this that haven’t been quite right that I am not getting my hopes up just yet! But love the ties and the color! Could go from driveway play to dinner!

But right now, I am really loving this romper!! So perfect for an outdoor bbq party! Haven’t ordered…just need someone to throw the party and I’m on it!

This tank is super simple and super cute and would be perfect for running after the kids this summer!

Ok, before I sign off, let me please say I am a major returner!! So when I share what I’ve ordered, know I tend to keep about 10% of what comes in! I love dressing rooms but we live 3 hours from a mall so there aren’t many opportunities to shop in store…especially kid free!

Alright ya’ll! Hope you have a wonderful week!! We are off school today so as long as the rain holds off, we will probably hit the gym, park and driveway!