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On my mind Monday…


I don’t know about you but we have spent the last 7 days playing in the HOT sun.  And why is it that my kids seem to play the best {like totally getting along, playing sweetly and not needing anything from me} right when it’s time to go down for a nap or at bedtime??? So lots of time I will let them skip in the name of sibling play, only to regret the decision an hour later when they suddenly need me every 5 min, but is then too late to actually put them down.  Constant. Battle. Does anyone else deal with this?

On a super postive note, just want to give a shout out to my homegirl, Nordstrom 😉 This past week I got on to order this dress that was marked down to $50 {yesssss, $50!} and they were sold out in my size.  I was super bummed but decided to call the closest store just to see if maybe the stars would align and they would have one left.  Well, they didn’t.  But the sales associate took my info, made several calls and located one of the four dresses left in the company.  And then had it shipped straight to my house.  Nordstrom.  You are a love.  And because of customer service like that, I will shop YOU before I shop just about anywhere.

And lastly, I was just laughing to myself as it took me literally 30 seconds to place my amazon order this morning.  Over the weekend, as “needs” came up, I threw a couple things in our ‘cart’.  This morning, I opened my ap and in less than a minute, placed the order and it will all be here by Wednesday. freaking crazy. Anyway, here is what is headed our way:

  • Nuts-n-more white chocolate peanut butter: I am not a peanut butter fan, but this stuff is crazy good. Like delish. Stella, Beau and I can’t get enough. It’s high protein which is something I am working on, but still has good fats that are excellent for my kiddos.  They love it spread on top of a sliced banana or just by the spoon. We order regularly. {the salted carmel is also amazing}
  • These goggles.  My sister told me about them and Stella decided she HAD to have.  We are in the pool at least 5 days a week so probably time sister had some goggles.  She has come far in the pool already this year and at 3, she is in full mermaid mode!
  • This booster seat.  G is officially the weight and height limit for booster life, so while he will remain in his carseat in my car, we got this to keep in Chad’s.  I can’t wait to see his face when it comes in because he will LOVE the print
  • These razors.  If you read this post from a couple weeks ago, you will know my deep love for derma planing and was time to reorder.  I order 3 packs at a time so should last me awhile!
  • These vitamins for my kids.  Every morning they each take 4 Juice Plus chewables to help with their veggie and fruit intake, but they also get two of these bear vitamins.  I spent some time in a health and wellness store the last time I was in stl and the gal there {a super health conscious grandma} spent a lot of time going over kid stuff with me and this was her rec.  I am by no means a health guru, but they seem to like these and any vitamin has to be better than not taking one right? ;-P

Anyway, we are moving slow this Monday after a fun and full weekend! Hope everyones week is off to a happy and sunny start!