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On My Mind Monday

Hey All! Another big fat fun weekend in the books! We have a pretty hectic October and November coming up quickly so have enjoyed these slower paced September weekends. We played a lot outside, went to church, and enjoyed some much needed chill time.  Here are some pics before we get down to it:

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Now, on to more pressing matters. Here are a couplet things on my mind this Monday:

  • THANK YOU for all the suggestions for meals on insta yesterday! I am seriously checking out every website and recipe you suggested this week! I am a snacker but am in a major rut and need to be feeding my family better food. So thank you thank you for the help!! If you make anything yummy and easy, send the recipe my way! I will share back the ones that work for us here.
  • What are your thoughts on the new Spectacles that Snap Chat is putting out? Glasses that will take video and allow you to use for social media…I am super intrigued and love the idea of recording the kids hands free…but may worry now that every person I talk to in glasses is filming me! Hahaha! Would be awesome to video the kids tho handsfree! What are your thoughts?spectacles{click here to read more on these spectacles}
  • HOW IN THE HELL DO PEOPLE WORKOUT WITH THEIR HAIR DOWN? Seriously people. I have forgotten a hair tie to the gym twice now, and it is quite possibly the most miserable workout of all time ever.  And then there are girls that can work out with their gorgeous locks flowing, make up on and looking like a million bucks! Seriously, let me in on the secret and teach me your ways, because I looked like the creature from the black lagoon after my “hair down” workout.  {And a side note: working on a “whats in my gym bag post” and one thing is a BRAND NEW PACK OF HAIR TIES…seriously never again}. giphy
  • Saw these at Old Navy, and just felt it was so genius, and so obviously needed. A bag of earring backs!! Like, this saves so many of my earring dilemmas for only $2. Felt the need to spread the word.Processed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset
  • This little number popped up on my news feed for insta {It is both super inspiring and super dangerous to follow designers pages}…and I have been obsessing over all weekend.  Would make for a perrrrrfect Easter dress, but costs more than my last 5 Easter dresses put together ;-P Wondering what all I can sell to justify buying …. kidding …kind of…Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
  • If you watch Big Brother, you know the finale was this past week…And I can’t freakin believe Paul did not win!!! Like, are you kidding me?? He and Victor were definitely the two to beat.  I think Paul made a poor move in not taking James to the final two because James {who I do love} did NOTHING this season…but really…Nicole??? Boo. What did you think?nicole


**Lastly, had several messages about the actual shoes in my oven ;-P, they are these, these and these!**

Have a good week friends! Chad’s birthday is Wednesday so we have a big fun week ahead!