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On My Mind Monday

Hi ya’ll! It’s Monday and we are full steam ahead, as we have something exciting coming up at the end of the week and lots to prep for it!! But first, here are some pics of all the fun we had this past weekend!

Ok, just a few things on my mind this Monday…partly because it is a holiday so that kids are here and are WILD! woah boy…here we go.

The Debate. No political talk here…just the fact that I was hiding behind my pillow during it. Oh Gosh….can it get worse? I think it’s going to…can a third party please step up??? What did you think?


Next, was with some friends this weekend discussing paying babysitters…I am usually a check writer because I never carry cash, and my friend told me they always have cash in their FREEZER. Is this a thing?? They said it would keep it safe in case of a fire or a break in…and said so non-shalauntly that I felt like maybe I was out of the loop! Do you keep cash in the freezer??

Wore this shirt-meets-sweater to a couple kids parties this weekend and the pumpkin patch and was stopped by several girls and asked where it was from. I would have totally included on my Friday Faves “sweater-edition” except that its really more shirt than sweater…but IT IS FREAKING AMAZING. SO comfy, and can be on the shoulder or off and super kid friendly. I got the navy but would love lots of other colors!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
Processed with VSCO with t1 presetoff-shoulder-shirt

Ok, wrapping it up because everyone has things to go do…for the first time ever, an Amazon order was “delivered” and I never actually got it.  It was Chad’s bday present. The tracking said “left on porch”, and let me tell you, I hunted EVERYWHERE. Nowhere to be found. After a couple days I contacted Amazon, and they have some freaking amazing customer service and refunded it with no questions asked. So, I have reordered {these in case you are curious} and will continue to order jusssssst about everything from them.

Happy Columbus day and have a great week friends!