January 16, 2017 2 Comments Uncategorized

On My Mind Monday

Happy Monday!! Kids are off pre-school today so I’m sure our day will be busy and loud…better have that second cup of coffee.

On my mind today are:

*Obviously the Bachelor…can’t wait for tonight’s episode and to see how the girl’s react to the news of Liz and Nick’s previous hook up. To be honest…I’m not sure why it looks like the girls get so upset…it happened before the show, and he cut her pretty quick! I think he was so stunned the first episode that he didn’t cut her out of confusion. I pretty much ONLY watch reality tv…so yes I love drama and am ready for whatever ABC has to offer tonight! We are doing the ESPN Bachelor Fantasy League {mentioned last week}, and I have to choose my final four before 6 pm tonight! Help!!! Who do you think it’s going to be?! I am currently loving Sarah {the teacher}, she is so cute and smiley, Raven {whoop whoop for the small town girl}, and Christin {I don’t think she will go far but she is super funny and I think a really good girl}.

*Why is it so hard to find a cute, high neck cover up? Uuurgh. I have a lot of swim suits with high necklines and CAN NOT find a cute cover up that won’t look funny with it…and I have been hunting! Any ideas? You all I am so open!

*ALSO, and this is SUPER IMPORTANT…I just found what I feel like is a ‘secret/not secret’ sale site for Lululemon….click here to see all the things that they “made too much of” and are marked down!!!! WHHHHAT?! Sign me up. How have I not seen this before?!?! I will be checking this regularly! Love this, this and this!!! And all at such good price points!

*I am just realizing I never actually ordered the planner I posted on my Procrastination post last week…that’s pretty funny right…seriously gonna order today…definitely by this weekend…

*Lastly, I am still no a high from my date last night with G. He and I don’t get one on ones very often…and this time I was able to surprise him with a drive to Cape for the Jurassic Quest exhibit that was in town. My little dino -lover was in heaven…and so obviously I was too! If you can, and if you have multiple kiddos, make it a priority to steal a one on one. Even just a trip to the store or for a quick bite…It’s not always easy to orchestrate, but it is always time very well spent.

Have a great week everyone!! And good luck tonight Nick! Ha!!!