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On My Mind Monday

Happy Monday Everyone!

Well after battling sickness with the kids all last week, this weekend it’s my turn. Whatever this bug is, it’s a doozy and has knocked me down. We are in need to some major vitamin D around here.

Today we ran Stella to the ENT and while we were in Cape, decided to run through Target really quickly. I may not be feeling well, but usually Target can pick up my spirits 😉 And I was in love with so many new things for summer! So today, one thing on my mind is, My Top 9 Target Finds:

We got Stella this skirt, dress, and oh m gee this jean jacket. Why is everything amazing in the toddler/little girl sections?  We almost got this jacket too…but didn’t…and am wishing I would have grabbed it. Dang. I also grabbed her these shoes {which are my number 1 find and I know everyone will ask where we got them when she wears, so you’ve been warned}

I got myself these sandals, but debated on these and these too. The Women’s shoe section could have it’s own entire post right now, it’s that good.

And lastly, my final “find” is this suit, that actually my girlfriend Mindi texted me about and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail. My fingers are crossed it works…

While we were shopping, I was battling some pretty major chills so I popped over to the Starbucks counter and ordered a Venti Medicine Ball. I had several people ask what it was on my instal-story so thought I would share here. It was my first time having one, but had read about them here earlier this winter and was anxious to give it a try! And I gotta tell ya, I am feeling much better this evening!

{If the barista has never made one, just tell them what’s in it and they can ring it up and whip it up!}


Venti Cup with a bag of Jade Citrus Mint tea and a bag of Peach Tranquility Tea

Add half hot water and half steamed lemonade

Add a little honey for anti-microbial effects

optional: pump of peppermint

**can sub the above tea bags with the Refresh and Calm teabags**

Lastly, this top is on my mind, because after living in sweats for the last week and a half with sick people, seeing it pop up on both liketoknowit’s page and whowhatwear’s page made this girl feel pretty good. Like I had picked a winner! It’s sold out in the stripes, so I am sharing my other favorite ruffled blouses below {because ruffles may just forever have my heart…can never own enough}:

Time for the Bachelor! Since I’m feeling like poo, I am watching it solo this week. Not nearly as fun as with the girls!!! Can’t wait to see what Corrine has up her sleeve this week! Does Corrine make anyone else Corr-inge?! Ha! She is such good tv!