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On My Mind Monday-Hawaii Edition

Aloha friends!!

This is coming to you a little late today because I am too many timezones away and too unorganized to remember to post in advance…and to be truthful, their isn’t a whole lot on my mind other than Mai Tai’s and sunscreen ;-P  But here goes:

First off, my girlfriend Katy had this top on at the park last week on one of the cooler days and it was super cute and looked SO COMFY. It is the softest thing I’ve ever touched {other than these lulu pants that you all already know I am obsessed with} and it’s from Old Navy!! I ALWAYS forget about that place for me!!! I shop it hard for Stel but definitely neglect their women’s department! Well I have hunted their entire website and can’t find it, and am texting her an SOS to help me locate, but in my hunting, I came across this and put it in my cart! Velvet is such a big trend this fall and can’t beat Old Navy prices. I also added this and this.

YOU GUYS, Juicy Tracksuits are back! What are your thoughts on this?? I know fashion tends to go in full circles, but I feel like this is maybe too soon?? Tho, I am not going to lie, a Juicy Tracksuit fits totally into my shame attire perfectly…and it’s soft and warm for winter…oh gosh…I may have to…and how cute is this baby Juicy peplum track suit?

Next, I am trying to think of something our family could go as for Halloween…It won’t happen because Grant wants to be a dinosaur and Stella a princess…BUT if I could talk them into it, what could our family of 5 goes as…jokingly Chad said the Kardashians at dinner and that Beau could be Lord Disick! Hahahaha! I almost fell outta my chair…but then Chad realized he’d have to be Caitlyn and the dream was over. Any ideas??


Lastly, we ran by Target on the way to our resort and they had these in their market section. So Yum!! I would love to have at home to throw in our bags when we are on the run! Zero calories folks! We also grabbed these to help us sleep and get on island time {without taking meds}. For those who have followed awhile, you know we give them to Grant and Stella as well!

Ok all, that’s all I’ve got for you today!! If you’ve been to Oahu and have any “must see” or “must do” things, let me know!!

Have a great week!!