On my mind Monday…I mean Tuesday

Happy Halloween {one day late}! We had a full evening of trick-o-treating, a hayride, and lots of fun! What did your kiddos dressing up as? Every year I struggle with wanting to dress my kids all up in a theme, or letting them be just whatever their little hearts desire. Went with the hearts desire again this year…pics at the end of the blog.

On my mind this Monday…I mean Tuesday… is how FREAKING WARM it is out!!! Holy cow! I’m not sure where you live, but here in southern Missouri it is low 80s! We should have left our pool open! We spent our entire weekend outside or at the park…and sweating!  I love the warm weather and am so happy it has hung around…but I am a little anxious to bust out all the fall sweaters!

Lastly, we have been chipping away at our Gill Family Live List…and last night it was time to cross “tp-ing someone’s house” off the list. Ha!! The kids were SO PUMPED.

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We dressed in all black and used these to color our faces {LOVE THIS PRODUCT} and loaded up a bunch of toilet paper in the goal cart.  I had decided earlier that the kids grandparents would be the perfect house to tp {long wrap around porch, bushes, and they wouldn’t be mad! ha!}.  I secretly called ahead so they knew we would be coming and the kids assumed they were in bed when they were no where to be found.

I brought 4 rolls, but truth be told, 2 was plenty! They were so quiet and sneaky…and giggly!! Then we rushed back to the golf cart {aka the getaway car}, and as soon as we hit the road we blasted music all the way home!

They were giddy as can be in the tub!! Especially when Nama sent pictures like this of Grandad and Aunt Brooke’s reaction when they went outside and saw the toilet papering!img_6897img_6898

Stella who was super nervous that Nama would call the police when she saw the toilet paper! Hahaha! Grant had mentioned in on the way home jokingly and it really stuck with her…so much so that we had to call Nama twice to make sure she wouldn’t!

Overall it was such a fun evening and I kind of hope that kids throw this one on the list again in the future 😉 They little ones definitely keep me young!!

Have a fun week friends!! I can’t wait to be bombarded on instagram tonight with all the costume pics!!


**Update: Since this didn’t upload until Tuesday…here is glimpse of our Halloween! A little trick or treating followed by a Hayride through our neighborhood and more trick or treating!

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