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On My Mind Monday- Vacation

Happy Monday guys! We are officially back from vacation and back to the real world…and I am loving it! I missed these kids badly!!!

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Sharing a couple vacation tips today that I learned on this trip, so if you have a winter getaway on the horizon, read on!

  1. I met a woman floating in the ocean who may just be a genius.  Even though the tide was going in and out, she never moved. I asked her how she was staying so still in her raft and she showed me her “anchor”.  She had a canvas bag {think like reusable grocery sack} that she had filled with sand and tied a rope to. She was sitting on the other end of the rope! Now my sister and I spent years trying to figure out how to anchor ourselves in the ocean, but this is so smart!! That way, when she goes up for the day, all she has to haul in an empty bag and rope! And it would weigh nothing!! GENIUS! I will be doing this next vacation!!
  2. On Friday I talked about following Living with Landyn on instagram, and she recommended packing on hangers. Woah!! It made my packing, packing, repacking and finally unpacking so much faster!!!
  3. I am all about the shade. I spent way too many hours baking in the sun in high school and college and my skin is paying for it now. I got this visor {similar} to take with me and it kept me totally in the shade and cool, and rolled up so easily in my suitcase!

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Also, did anyone see 60 minutes last night? Kim K was on and talking about being a social media “influencer” {which is now a job title}. They also had other people on {in their early 20s} that have millions of followers on SnapChat, Insta, Vine, Facebook, Twitter, etc…some of them making over $200,000 for a post or 6 second video! Say What?!?!?!?! The guy doing the interviews to these influencers was speechless when they said how much they make! Ha! I’m thinking Stella needs to start a YouTube channel now and maybe we can all retire early and travel the world together!

Have a great week! We have some fun stuff up our sleeves this week, hoping to cross off a few things on our Fall live list!