May 2, 2017 3 Comments Family, Uncategorized

On the eve of 6

Dear Grant,

Tomorrow when you wake up you will be 6. Holy Cow!!

You are wrapping up 365 days of 5. Probably sounds like an impossibly large number of days to you, not even worth counting down till we were about 20 days out…but someday I hope you get to be a dad, and we see firsthand how swiftly those 365 days fly.



So before we move on to 6, lets talk about all the ways 5 was so big.

5 was a don’t need to hold my hand when crossing the street age, it’s a hold your little sister’s hand and help her age. It’s a can go to the bathroom by yourself age, open your own fruit snack age and grab your own breakfast age {woah boy have been looking forward to that one}.

5 was a brush your own teeth and know you are doing it well age. It’s a get yourself ready age and keeping eyes on your little brother age. It’s a starting to make a lot of your own choices age. It’s a no longer crying or sitting on my lap during a haircut age.

5 was playing outside at home without supervision and a willingness to try new foods without tears. It’s ditching matching pjs to sleep in briefs. And it’s making crazy faces whenever I ask you to smile in a pic.

5 was losing baby teeth. It’s still believing in all the magic that childhood has to offer, but starting to ask questions about the world around you. It’s earning and saving money, and helping around the house.

5 was getting harder to carry up the stairs to bed. It’s getting your own drinks in the night and buckling your own seatbelt. It’s trying to impress your friends with poop jokes and laughing when you fart.

5 was beginning to read words and write down your thoughts. It’s make believe mixed with wrestling mixed with running in the sprinkler mixed with ball practice. It’s a later bedtime and ditching naps.

5 was gaining a better understanding that the word doesn’t revolve around you. That your family and your friends matter. That treating people the way you want to be treated is how we roll.

It was bigger responsibilities and bigger love.

It was a couple inches taller, a shoe size bigger, and tougher knees.

Kid, 5 was magic…for me to watch and to witness. I love seeing the kid you are growing up to be. Makes me awful proud to call you mine.

So I am pretty pumped to see what all 6 can bring.

All 365 days of it.

I love you G. More than you can really ever know.

Happy Birthday love!