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Our solution to all those old baby clothes

So if you follow along on our instagram account, you know that giant MOUND of clothing I set to tackle last week. I’m talking every piece of kid clothing we have ever bought {minus what currently fits in their closets}. HOLY MOLY there was so much!! Like we are majorly overrun!!

When Grant was a tiny baby, I was so good about moving clothes as we grew out of them into bins that were labeled and ready to store. Well then came Stella 18 months later, along with a house move, and welp the whole system went up in flames {figuratively}. Add Beau 2 years later and we had a major mess on our hands.

I decided it was finally time to sort and get rid of.

The problem is I am super attached to their old things…like weirdly. Never thought I would be until I finally went through them! But I am! So while we are taking A TON to the Mother-to-Mother program in our area, I’ve come up with some creative ways to not feel so sad about giving up some of our old treasures.

  1. Hand me down packages: Ya’ll, this has brought really big smiles for both me and Stella. We LOVE hand me downs, and Stella has been blessed with a couple hand me down packages along the way. When one came in the mail, she freaked out opening it! Some of her favorite pieces have been from these hand me down packages…sooooo…we are using some of her old bags {how do we end up with so many bags?!} and are putting together our own hand me down packages to send to little girls we know! Stella loves including her favorite princess nightgowns! It’s made us both so happy to know these pieces will live on! And hopefully make another little girl very happy too!

  1. Babydoll clothes: Most of the kids new born or 0-3 month sleepers, have gone into a little bin with stella’s doll clothes! She has several baby dolls that fit them and I LOVE seeing her babies around in the house in the onesies {makes me wanna cry!!}.

  1. Heating pads: I posted about this once before {and will probably again in a Mother’s Day post}, but we had a friend take several of our favorite onesies and turn them into heating pads. She simply cut the fabric into big squares and rectangles and sew them together, throw in some corn or beans, and stick up and voila! Honestly big ones are great for adults and we also have a ton of small ones that the kids use for boo boo’s or just if they are cold and want something warm to snuggle! Love this option too!

  1. And lastly will be selling some on my second instagram account {@shopgrowingupgill}. I follow a ton of mamas that sell their kids’ old stuff and honestly is my number one fave way to buy things! It’s cheaper, and no one else is usually wearing it! So, I am gonna throw some of their old {and my favorite} things out there into cyber space hoping they find happy homes…and that maybe I can replenish my kid shopping fund ;-P


Hope this has been helpful and maybe given you something to think about when it comes time to discard your kids’ clothes! Once this room of mine gets cleared out, I am going to stay on top of it!!! Hahahaha!

What do you do with your kids old things?