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Raising a Daughter as a Stay at Home Mom

Sometimes I worry that my being a stay at home mom is doing her some kind of disservice.

Like my, “Stella, go out into the world and kick some major ass” doesn’t match my actions.

Stay at home moms, please don’t get me wrong.  This gig is majorly important, and hard, and it’s what I love. Am beyond thankful that I have the opportunity to be one.  I’ve wanted to “mom” for as long as I can remember. And I don’t want to downplay whatsoever the importance of what I {and so many moms} do. It’s both a sacrifice and a privilege.

And if that is what Stella chooses to do someday, I am all in for her on that one.  BUT, I want her to know, and to seriously believe, that she is capable of whatever she wants. A CEO, doctor or nurse, fashion designer or teacher.  A professional baseball player {my dream until the 6th grade}, a banker or a party planner.

Here at home, in these last few months, I’ve finally felt like I am coming up for air a little in the “raising babies” department.  It’s been 5 1/2 years straight for feedings and crawling and nap time routines and baby gates and getting into everything and putting everything in our mouths…and I can feel that season lifting. It’s have me thinking a lot about who and what I want to be as these babies of mine enter their school years.

And so I’ve really taken to blogging.  I live in a small town with somewhat limited employment options.  But this blog…it has given me an outlet, a way to feel slightly productive, and a way to share…which I’ve come to find is what I am truly passionate about.  I can be creative, be open…and my parents are enjoying the fact that my degree in Fashion hasn’t totally gone to waste. Ha!

I know you can’t call it a business…or a career…or anything really…YET.  But I have big dreams for it.  And as silly or whimsy as it may seem, it takes this non-tech savvy girl many hours to make a single post.  I try to find short snippets of the day, when the kids aren’t needing me {I just laughed out loud as I typed that}, or after they go to sleep, in which I can attack it and “work”.

So today, Stella asked to use my computer, and I showed her how to type a note.

She pulled her baby right up beside her and got to typing her “blog”.

Managing both her blog and her baby, side by side.

I knew then that she pays such close attention to our days and our time.  She totally sees me.  I think she sees both the Mom, and also the Person, that I am.

And I also realized it’s not so much about having a “job” outside the home that makes you a force to be reckoned with in the world, or even the number of dollars you throw into your bank account…it’s about finding what it is that makes you happy, giving it all you’ve got, and ideally leaving the world a little better than you found it.

So, hi. I’m Kristin Gill, the gal behind GrowingUpGill.  Kicking ass daily {also getting my ass kicked daily ;-P} in my own home as a mom, and trying to share a little love on the world wide web when I get the chance.

A big,huge,monstrous thank you, seriously to those of you who have been following along at  Thank you to my hubs, who gets only half my attention a lot of evenings as I am trying to figure out whatever went wrong on my computer…but who still believes and encourages me in this adventure. And a third big fat thank you to those gal pals of mine who continue to encourage, and cheer me {and my big dreams} on.

Planning on taking things up a notch in 2017.

Maybe even two notches if my kids will start napping again…

Hugs and Happy New Year’s Eve Eve! You all rock.