November 20, 2016 3 Comments Uncategorized

Shopping Must Have & Girlfriends

This weekend, I spent 24 glorious hours away from my kids and husband.  Some of my girlfriends and I met in St. Louis for some Christmas Shopping. I do the majority of our shopping online, but I absolutely LOVE being in a mall at Christmas time {or lets be real honest, I like being in a mall anytime}.

The people, the music, the decorations…with a big fat coffee, we shopped till we dropped! I wore this outfit shopping, and have NEVER gotten stopped by more people in my life! Seriously, these folks know how to make a girl feel good! And a lot of them were super surprised when I told them where I found it! I linked the outfit below {along with some similar looks}.  

For tonight’s post, I am just sharing my absolute favorite of the goodies I picked up this weekend in case you like and wanna nab it for your closet or put it on your list for Santa! THIS. This was the must buy of the trip! My girlfriend Casey dubbed it “the blanket” sweatshirt {we had another name for it but it is not blog-appropriate ;-P}. It was super cute on the hanger, BUT when you put it on…OMG. softest thing ever. Evvvvvvver. Seriously we all either came out of the store with one, or ordered it from the hotel room online that night.athletaAND, as if it couldn’t get any better, it comes in little girls sizes. Picture it in a 4T. Got for Stella. Dead. athleta-2   Aside from loading {and I mean LOADING} down two cars with about a zillion shopping bags, I can’t say enough about what a ‘time-out’ from your life, your kids,  and your house can do for your soul. I loved the shopping and the eating and the retail therapy, but the time back in our hotel, where we stayed up way to late laughing, was hands down the highlight.

I need more of that. As mom, not always an easy thing to find time for, but what a wonderful spell this weekend has put on me. I am recharged, and ready to roll into the holidays with excitement and enthusiasm! Lets do this!

Coming at you this week, some ‘Gift Guides’ since Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye, some of my thoughts on clothes shopping for little boys, and one very special little boy’s birthday!!

Have a great week all!!