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Show And Tell Hacks

Happy Thursday all! My favorite day of the week!! I can smmmmmmellllll the weekend.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

However, Thursdays also mean show and tell days. And let me tell ya, some weeks I nail it. Clothes laid out the night before and show-and-tell discussions before bed, and item laid out with clothes. All is right with the world.

But most mornings I remember as we are about to walk the door, and all hell breaks loose as we scurry through the house to find items that begin with whatever letter of the week it is…and with a 5 and  {a very oppionated} 3 year old, it can be a challenge.

There are a zillion websites that offer ideas for each letter of the alphabet, but I am going to share with you a few tricks we’ve figured out these last couple of years so maybe your mornings will be a little less chaotic than ours.

So here we go:

  • Never underestimate the awesomeness of your pantry: You can almost always bring a snack for whatever letter of the week it is. Seriously. Plus bonus points for feeding the kids and helping the teacher out come snack time. If you can remember the day before and hit up Walmart, there are seriously limitless options. Think cereal names, types of fruit snacks, flavors of juice…the opportunities are endless!
  • Books! Book titles can also be a quick fix for a show and tell.  I think “Go Dog Go” saved us when Grant was tiny. But if you have any sort of collection at home, you surely have almost every letter covered in titles. Also, characters. pick a fav and simply bring the book about them.
  • Dolls and Stuffed Animals- you can name them ANYTHING. Today Stella and I battled over the letter C as she insisted on bringing a baby. I kept telling her it had to start with a “Ca” sound and she finally came up to me and told me her baby was named “Ca-Ca” {insert both an eyeroll and a pat on the back for cleverness}….so her name got changed to Cali, but seriously…can work with any letter.
  • Photographs. They are small and can have just about anything in them. Grandparents, friends, brothers, sisters, places…so many options.
  • Pack a note card or write on your kids hand what their show and tell is if it isn’t obvious {like baby CaCa}.  This will majorly help your kids teacher out as well as save your kiddo some embarrassment when they can’t remember. {Today Grants hand said “Flying Fighter plane”…double “F”…boom.} But make sure they show their teacher before they use the bathroom and it washes off!
  • And lastly, don’t underestimate your own enthusiasm…I can pretty much sell my kids on anything when I am totally into it!

Good luck and if you have any hacks to share please do!! I still have years of show and tell ahead of me!