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Stella’s Closet

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Probably more than anything, I get asked about Stella’s shoes. Sister has a pretty awesome collection. But she also has the fastest growing feet on the planet.  Dang!!

So while I love to buy her shoes, I have a hard time justifying spending very much on them.

Now I am going to let you in on my secret to how I find her shoes…most of her shoes are from Joyfolie, Gap, or Old Navy…and a ton of them are second hand that I find on instagram!! There is a whole host of people and shops that sell their kids old stuff!  If you search the hashtag #joyfolie or #joyfolieforsale or #gapshoes etc. frequently, you can find some good deals! Once I buy from someone, I follow them since their child’s feet are clearly a little ahead of Stells’a size-wise and I hope they may have other cute shoes from sale down the line. I love this because a)they are less expensive and b)they are DIFFERENT! Love that they are several seasons old because not every little girl we see are wearing them!


These boots were purchased on Instagram when she was a baby and are several seasons old.

I also buy a ton of her clothes this way actually. Hashtag your favorite brands in the search and see what you can find! I also buy way ahead and hoard when it comes to shoes like boots, because I can always add thick socks, or wear thin tights if they are a little big or small.

For fall, I have been toying with buying a pair of Uggs for Stella, but can’t shake the $100 price tag when her feet went from a size 6 last summer to a size 10 now…but I found these for $12!! They look just like them, and while I’m sure they won’t hold up the way Uggs to, I can buy a whole lotta pairs for the same price as one pair of Uggs! Again, cost per wear…and we just don’t wear our shoes for that long.. These are also cute and only $20!

Here are some of my favorite shoes for girls currently out in the stores:

For fall, I also got these cat shoes for Stella to open while I was away in Hawaii.  She’s owned them before and still loves them…and I love that they don’t require socks! Got with my Gap Card when they were 40% off so also a good buy! I couldn’t find them online any longer, but they had these boot versions for babies! So cute!! Never ever buy anything from Gap or Old Navy full price because there is always a sale right around the corner.

fringe sandals

fringe sandals {similar // similar // similar}

boots {similar}

boots {similar}

sneakers were purchased on insta {similar}

Nikes were purchased on insta {similarsimilar}


shoes bought on insta {similar // similar}

Lastly, have you seen these?? SO CUTE! I am ordering for Grant, but think they will be so cute when passed down to Stella!! And then on to Beau {obviously}.