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Stocking Stuffers!!

Ok ya’ll! It’s been a hot second and today we are talking all things kid-stocking.

But before we jump into that, I wanted you to know I have been keeping my eyes open for my beloved “blanket sweatshirt” to come back in stock for you…and while no such luck yet, they do have it in girls’ sizes. And guys, its every bit as dreamy as the adults. It was a splurge item for my Stella, but will hopefully be worn for years since its quite big on her. She loved the thumb holes and zipper pockets so much! And how stinking cute is it!! Also, while the women’s version is sold out, they do have a couple other styles available, which should be equally as delicious! {linked to pictures below}

Ok, on to stockings! My favorite!!! I think both filling my kids and husbands stocking, and digging into my own, are just such fun!! Little trinkets and surprises! However, if your house is like mine, it’s overrun by old happy meal toys and shopkins and matchbox cars, so I am really putting thought into my kids stocking this year and trying to think of things they will truly love and value…and that idealy are things we either need, or will “be used up”.

For example, each of my kids {and myself…I like to help Chad out a little} will be getting one of these in our stockings. We LOVE baths, so these will be super fun and will go away, not cluttering our house! This one has a surprise color inside, this one turns the tub colors, and this one has a calming/sleepy effect {I bought 6! bahaha!}. They are perfect for the toe of the stocking!

Lush also has these bars of shampoo/soap/bodywash that are in clay form! You can play with it over and over, or run it under the water to turn into bath products! They are SO cute and were MADE for stockings! Here are some other fun ideas to fill your kids stockings with {And all pictures should be linked to the product for you}:

: These body crayons were a HUGE hit with all 3 of mine! I think they will last a long time and they are like less than $7 on amazon. Click here to link. Or, since it’s so cold out, maybe these bathtub ones would be a better stocking choice! Because I refuse to get sick, and my kids are totally down to take vitamins if they are in gummy form. I can’t tell you how many bottles of Olly vitamins we own…I would also put this one in your husbands stocking, make sure he and the kids each take one at night, and enjoy a little Bravo time when they are all peacefully asleep. We go through cases of this in the winter. Bath time = survival in our home and this takes our baths up a notch for a very low price point. Incase you can’t get to a Lush Store like the bombs I mentioned above, this Santa Bomb also comes in Snow Ball and other festive mixes from Target. Because we are somehow always losing {or tossing…that learning to wipe yourself struggle is real} undies around here. And character ones always seem to excite them.   Beau got this little train launcher for this birthday as was OBSESSED with it. He also loves loves these little trains! I got these insulated cups for all 3 of mine, {I like ones that are super easy to clean with simple pieces! ha!} but my sister has two girls that love these:   Obsessed over these ostrich socks! I know Stella will love them too! I am putting iTunes gift cards in Grant and Stellas stockings.  They have started to find apps/games on their iPads that they want but cost money. Since Stella has no real concept of dollars, I decided I would draw tally marks in marker on their card {along with their names} on their card, and each time they spend a dollar, we will cross off a tally. Hoping to raise somewhat fiscally responsible little people ;-P If you haven’t played bean boozled {who hasn’t?!} then you must get this lil stocking stuffer. Guaranteed laughs for the kids, and you. Ok, I know I said that I am anti-little crap, but my kids go totally nuts over these, so I will appease their little hearts and grab a couple from the check out line. PS. I SO wish I can created these! Genius.

Lastly, I plan on making “coupons from Santa”…Thought they would be a fun thing to start for things the kids love to do…Like a “play hooky one day just because Santa says having fun is good for the soul” {yeah, I get it, eventually they can’t just skip school whenever they want, but we are still in pre-school and mothers day out}, “get your own soda at sonic”, “Take your mom or dad on a date, just the two of you”…and because they are from Santa, we gotta listen! Looking for more ways to spend our money and time on “doing” and not just in “buying”.

Hopefully this was helpful! I still have some space to fill in their stockings, so if you have any ideas of toys your love, comment here or over on my IG page! Maybe we can all help each other out!

Stay warm friends! It’s about to get reallllllll cold here in the midwest!