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Stocking Stuffers for the Big People

Happy Thursday all! Thank you for all of the sweet comments on our family pictures!! I am so happy we braved the cold for those!

Today I am talking all things “adult stocking”. {Click here to see what is going into my kiddos stockings}. I love shopping for the kids stockings most…and have changed my stocking approach a little in the last couple years with how we fill ours. I will throw in some toothpaste and a new toothbrush because we could always use that stuff, but want to put our money where it matters, so I look for fewer things, that will make a bigger impact. Less junk to clutter the counters, ya know what I am saying…so after much thought and soul searching, here are some of my favorite stocking stuffers this year… Extended Phone Chargers: Why? Because I don’t know about you guys, but ours are always breaking or getting left in suitcases or around the house. We could always use more. Here are some simple, no bells or whistles type, or here is the one I am splurging and getting Chad. Hoping it will hold up longer than the cheap ones and is supposed to keep from sliding off the bedside table when it is unplugged. Sephora: Go there. Then find a NICE person working…this is key. I got some cool men’s stuff for Chad like this mask, and this. And then, I talked wrinkle stuff for me…and since I lack decision making, the nice worker I found loaded me up with samples to try…and weird as it may be, those samples of super nice and expensive creams are going right in my stocking. Did you know they can sample out anything in their store?? It’s true. And THEN, with the points I’ve earned being a Sephora member, I got my mom a cool kit full of anti-aging goodies! So much good stuff in that place..

Bath Bombs: Yes I got these for the kids stockings, but also snagged some for my own. I picked this, this and this because of the smell…omg it’s good.

Essential Oil Roller: Ok, I am not big in the oil game, but my friend got me this roller to help me deal with my chronically stuffy nose and sinuses and it has CHANGED MY LIFE. Click here to find. I keep mine in my purse but am getting Chad one too.

Olly Vitamins: Because we love these. Can throw these or these in Chads, these or these in Mine, and these or these in the kids! Seriously we all take these and are great stocking size. I am considering these also to get me through the winter!

Gloves: because like socks, they tend to wander in time…and when you have kids you have to be outside a lot, even when you don’t want to be 😉 These I am obsessed with but come with a very hefty price tag…so am thinking these are my better option. For Chad, am thinking these…ya gotta be able to text people.

Summer Sausage: Yes. I am actually putting summer sausage in Chad’s stocking {the good kind with cheese and peppers in it} a.because he requested it and b.because it will get eaten and we are still avoiding majorly adding clutter to the house 😉

Wine: again, yep. Chad’s getting a bottle of wine from the wintery we visited this summer with my family. Want to fill his stocking with things he loves…and what parent doesn’t love wine? Scratch Off Lottery Tickets: because FUN!!  Car Wash tokens to the local place in town: because we live in the country and the BUGS. omg. Couple gift cards to our favorite places: Chad may get one to here and here. I am hoping Santa brings me one to here, here and here. Here are some more ideas and things I am considering grabbing, along with packs of gum, and other goodies from the checkout aisle:

As always, am open to any awesome ideas you guys have or that you love finding in your stockings! We are officially 10 days away people!!! Ahhhh! Time to get this shopping done! Have a great end of your week! xoxo