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The makings of a perfect fall outfit

In the last few years, I’ve come to realize how crazy the weather can be, so laying is key when it comes to fall clothes! Today am sharing how I put together so many of my fall outfits. Pick one item from each of the following categories and Voila! A perfect fall outfit that can take you from the park to the elementary school to the Mexican restaurant for date night ;-P

I always like to start with a pair of distressed denim. I own a super-distressed pair of one teaspoon jeans which I bought on sale and get a lot of comments on on my instagram…unfortunately I can’t find them anywhere but these and  these are similar. I also own these {which are less than $50}. I think distressed and destroyed denim are going to be around for awhile and they are easy to take into spring and summer when they have lots of holes 😉

Tee’s and tanks come next.  I for one, HATE ‘t-shirt t-shirts’…like the kinds you get in college from your sorority, or fundraisers, or camps…I own zero. No problem for me to unload those bad boys…But I do love a good “t”. I like them either plain or with a little interest like a deep-v or an interesting sleeve. I have been debating this one recently.

Sweaters. Boom. Definitely the favorite part of fall clothing. If you missed my post on my favorite fall sweaters you can click here. I like them either kind of cropped so you can have a tee or tank sticking out under…or to wear with high waisted pants, OR I like them long enough to wear with yoga pants {usually past-crotch length…is that even a length? you know what I mean}. However, currently I think that the long cardigan/duster is the sweater of the moment. I almost grabbed this one at the mall too because it is seriously the softest thing I have ever, ever felt…and for less than $50! It’s actually called that “ahh-amazingly soft cardigan”…and in the time I’ve typed this I have decided I have to have it. Ordering. Now. This one is also super versatile and cute.

Before I get to footwear, I want to touch on lipsticks! This fall the trend is dark dark vampy shades…think deep plums. And according to Rachel Zoe, this color works with ALL skin types so we are in luck ladies! Some of my favorite options for this fall are this, this and this.  And let me say this, I have so many friends that like lipstick but always say “I could never wear that”…YES! YES you can!! You just gotta do it…and it’ll look strange to you {and only you} for a bit, but you will get used to it and you will have others wanting to run to their nearest Sephora!!

Lastly, the shoes.  It’s here I struggle the most but have fallen in love with these shoe-meets-bootie for this fall. Another option would be to go the trendy sneaker route, and in that case, I would suggest these or these.

Ok girls! This pretty much sums up the way I look when not in my gym gear! Some days this week are going to be almost 80 and others down in the 50s!! Dressing like this will keep me comfortable no matter what the temperature is!!

Have a fab week and stay tuned for an awesome giveaway!! So So excited about what’s to come!