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To the moms burning pizza rolls

Last week on my insta story, I mentioned that dinner was taking longer than usual because I had burnt our first batch of pizza rolls.

And I could not believe how many people messaged me telling me how much they appreciated my sharing that.Truthfully I was just rambling…but the messages rolled in. So today, I wanna talk to all those mamas.

Dear fellow moms burning Pizza Rolls,

You rock.

For real.

Let’s just start there.

I am a huge fan of social media. In a dark and scary time, pregnant with Beau, I was able to find community and answers to so many questions.  In happy times, I am able to follow childhood friends’ lives and keep up to date with out of town family. I am able to discover new recipes and shop conveniently. And on the daily, I find inspiration. I connect with stay at home moms, working mom, new moms and hope to be moms. To know we aren’t in the game of raising babies alone can be powerful.

BUT, I do understand there is a dark side to it too. It can be easy to compare…to think the grass is greener {or the house is cleaner}…it can totally mislead, whether intentionally or not.

But I am here to say that it is ok to serve your babies pizza rolls.

It’s ok to think breastfeed is hard…like really hard. Like hard to time it, so that you can ever leave the house and hard because it hurts like hell and you cry yourself before each feeding. It’s ok to breastfeed for 12 months, or 2 days.

It’s ok to have a messy house. Like a ‘have to only use the garage door because the front door is blocked by the fort your kids made this morning’, messy house. And its ok if there is a pile of laundry that is so giant it fills your entire laundry room…and still laundry can be found through out the entire house. It’s ok to have a dryer that always has a load in it. Just hit spin again.

It’s ok that the baby never made it out of his pajamas today and that your forgot to brush their teeth last night. It’s ok that your daughter is dressed for summer and it’s 40 degrees out, and that your son’s shirt doesn’t match his pants. Shoes are overrated.

It’s ok if your hair has been in the same top knot for 3 days and you wanna cry because your bottle of dry shampoo is almost empty…which means you will have to make yet another trip to Walmart with your crew.

It’s ok.

I wanna go out there and high five and get to know the super moms that have it all together with their clean homes and homemade organic meals. I do! Maybe some of that can rub off on me! But I also wanna high five the mom who pops a pop tart in the toaster, rushing to get her kids ready and out the door in the morning on her way to work. Working moms pretty much blow my mind on the daily.

I wanna high five the mom whose every school project looks straight from Pinterest. Such time and love spent making those! But I also wanna high five the mom who let her kids take the reigns on the project and turns out looking a little disastrous {at least to adult eyes}. Same love spent on those. Oh and let’s not forget the mama who totally forgot about the project…life is big, and sometimes we have bigger stuff on our minds. High five to you too! Your kids will be quick on their feet and flexible.

I wanna high five the mom who finds her happy place to be the kitchen.  But I also wanna high five the mom who finds her happy place at work, or her kid’s soccer game, or shopping or taking pictures of her kids, or in her yard, or at the gym.

I wanna high five the moms with perfectly behaved children…funny thing is, I’ve been around a lot of kids now, and I’m not totally sure that child exists. So instead lets high five all the moms with kids! The moms with the wild ones probably need those high fives the most!

Raising awesome humans is freakin hard.

And ya’ll, I am fairly certain we are all doing our best…even if your best and my best look completely different.

woah. yep. truth.

I’ve heard the quote before, “We can do anything. But not everything”.


What I’m really getting at is that we all have our own lane, our own avenue, where we shine…where you may rock in one area, others may rock in another. You may be like me and serve up peanut butter sandwiches for dinner on a paper plate, or you may be serving steak and potatoes on fine china. {Seriously some of my closest girlfriends didn’t even know what pizza rolls were. Their kids will grow up knowing how a good steak should be cooked, and mine will be able to throw together a Lunchable stack like it is nobodies business…but the awesome part is THAT IS OK!}.

You do you mamas, and I’ll do me.

We have so much to learn from each other. Bits and pieces that we each rock at. That if we stop judging {mostly OURSELVES}, we can stand stronger as moms. Stop competing and comparing, and start owning.

So wake up each morning and embrace YOUR life, and live it simply the best you can. Focus on what you rock at!

Truthfully, my kids could care less about my terrible kitchen skills, or my bad memory when it comes to school projects or my lack of organization…but they do care about having a happy, present, and confident mom. I am certainly my biggest critic.

God made me ME, and you YOU, and generally speaking, he knows what he is doing.


Oh, and if you are like me…maybe set an oven timer next time.