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Travel Series: Flying with Kids and Babies

Hey ya’ll! Coming at you today hot and heavy with a BIG post.

Our topic: traveling with kiddos. LORDY. I don’t know that there is anyway to ever make it easy, but hopefully the things I share here may ease the pain 😉

First lets talk airport outfit and logistics.

As far as outfits go, I dress for wrestling kids. I am cold natured and usually freeze on airplanes, but when I am with the kids, I sweat.  Hauling them, their things, the bathroom trips….it’s a lot. So I wear layers.

Generally speaking I would start with a cute tee {think this or this}. Depending on length of tee I would either wear my beloved align pants {if the shirt is long}, or some high waited blue jeans. Comfy but cute shoes or sandals.


Simple, comfortable and easy to move in. And honestly I usually throw a tiny pair of socks in my bag because there is no recovering from cold feet.

I mean, this jacket. sighhhh

Wouldn’t this tee be kind of funny to wear tho…ha! Sorry if you get stuck by us!

Kids: Easy-to-pe-clothing. Nuff said. {for those that that’s not enough said…no buttons on pants, leotards, tight tights or leggings…} and I like no-fuss shoes. Both for going thru security and once you get on the plane…my kids are just happier when their feet are naked 😉

What to put in their bags…or better yet, what kind of bags to bring:

Grant and Stella are now 4 and 5 and very capable of hauling their own junk {cue the praise hands}. Still, will need to keep bags light weight and easy to sort through. For Stella we got this backpack because she will want to no doubt take Samantha with us….and I don’t want to be stuck carrying 2 babies around the airport.

For Grant I am getting this bag because I thought he may like to wheel it {and its on MAJOR sale}…and I can load his a little heavier if he has this option.

Now, for what’s in the bags:

  1. First and foremost, a freakin iPad {Can I get an AMEN}. I have started loading new apps and movies on them on a fresh screen that they know they aren’t allowed to play yet. It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten new games so we were due. All the kids also have super durable iPad covers so I won’t stress traveling with them. Check out Bowie’s cute one here.
  2. Headphones. Each kids has a pair. We buy the cheap ones with characters they like and they have held up so surprisingly well! We just got Bowie these for his first pair.
  3. Extra battery: I bought 2 extra “juice packs” to bring that will be fully charged. One of our flights are long and between wait time and flight I don’t want them to go dead.
  4. Snacks. Pack like you are going away for a month. Kidding. But bring plenty. Boredom brings whining and usually about food. I love those small containers of goldfish, these bars, and fruit snacks. Try to avoid round things like cereals because they roll right off the trays. Since Beau is still small and I am always worried about choking, I am also going to pack a ton of these. Good for ears, they last a long time, and he is old enough to not make too big a mess!
  5. Sticker book/ Coloring book: Stella and Grant have recently had some interest in coloring so I got them each a new {thin} coloring book and new box of crayons. Beau can borrow theirs if he wants, but instead I got him a little book of stickers…more up his ally. I also found these {pictured below} at Party City store and they are PERFECT for travel. Small, compact, and easy to keep together. And only a couple bucks.
  6. I am not big on packing books for Grant and Stella because they go thru them quickly, but they are great for Beau’s age. A girlfriend sent me this book in the mail and although it’s good sized, I think it will entertain B for a long time on the flight hunting for the items. And that book comes in a zillion themes so can get the kids excited for whatever kind of trip lies ahead! For the bigs, I am trying out these {reusable} activity cards! I think they are easy enough for them to do solo {praise hands} but will keep em giggling for a fair amount of time! I love the bright colors and the quality seems really good! I will let you know how the kids like them after our flight!
  7. Silly putty/Play dough: I’ve tried both, and probably like silly putty more, because play dough can dry out during the trip some…but the kids like playing with them and they stick to the fold down table which makes it pretty easy.
  8. Baggie of Figurines: For Stella I’ll pack some little princess from our house {like these}, Grant and Beau can share these. They all like imaginative play and they can use once we are on vacation too. The dino’s can come apart and they love to change out arms and legs! DON’T pack cars. I did this with G…they roll…chased them all over the dang plane.
  9. Small package of wipes. in each bag. because #kidsaremessy
  10. I will pack each kid one of these for a drink. Never say yes to the flight attendant when it comes to drinks…open cups are disastrous and annoying. Enjoy your Starbucks while you wait to board.
  11. More snacks. Tust me.
  12. small blanket. Because I am an optimist…maybe a nap…

And that’s it.

I used to wayyyyyy over pack when Grant and Stella were little and it was hard to even get into their bags because there was so much stuff. Honestly less is sometimes more, especially when traveling. I want them each to be able to navigate their own bags without help, so this is what works best for us.

In my bag, I will the bare minimum. Diapers and wipes for B, a few protein bars,  a battery back up for my phone, my wallet, and that’s it. I am currently reading All the Pretty Girls, but am downloading a few more books and will just read when I can on the plane! I may throw in my headphones for music in case the kids fall asleep, but otherwise I don’t anticipate relaxing quite that much!

Chad usually hauls the bigger carry on that we put overhead and in it, aside from our laptop in case we get to actually watch a movie, I will have a swimsuit for everyone {because I’m not risking lost luggage} and a change of clothes for each of the kids just in case of an accident.

Lastly, here are a few airport tips {and please share yours with me, because I learn more every single time we travel!}:

**Board last. Yeah, I know they say kids can board first…but then you just head up sitting there forever. Extra sit and seat time is good for no one. Board last.

**Avoid having them ride in the stroller through the airport if you can. Similar to the above point, let them burn their energy before they get on the plane.

**SMILE when you board and be quick to say hi and give the “I’m sorry you have to sit by us” face to everyone around you. We’ve been super lucky in having kind and helpful people by us when we travel.

**When traveling with a baby, may want to bring your carseat…we have found that Beau travels so much better when he is strapped in a carseat than when we just sit him in a seat! So once they turn 2 and have to have their own seat, it may be worth hauling that bad boy through the airport if it means a possible happy {or dare I say NAPPING baby} during the flight. We are taking this car seat {that will live in Chad’s car after} because it had high rankings for travel and is lightweight and this handy dandy thing that will turn the carseat into a stroller at the airport! Freaking cool huh?!

**Find out if your airport has a playground! We are lucky in that we tend to fly out of St. Louis, which now has some super neat little playgrounds set up near the gates!

**If you travel often, sign up for TSA pre-check. It took less than an hour for us to get certified, and now everytime we travel we get to slide over to the pre-checked line at security with the kids which is AWESOME because sometimes that line is lonnnnnnggggg. Plus shoes can stay on which is double awesome when that means keeping 6 extra shoes in place.

Ok ya’ll. That is all I got! We take off for vacay in less than a week…hoping to have everything ready to go a day in advance…and I gotta tell ya, I am naively-optimistic about traveling with me crew this go around! Stay tuned to our instal-story and I’ll take you along on our crazy train {or plane!}.

You got this traveling mamas! Attitude is half the battle! So throw back your latte and be enjoy the flight!