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Travel Series: ipad App Faves

So I posted here about some of my favorite things to pack when traveling with kids to make the plane ride smoother. But after vacationing to Florida and the Dominican, I think I need to make it clear, that if your kid is of the “iPad age”, then that, and some snacks may truly be all you need!

All 3 of mine have hit the sweet spot of enjoying time on their iPads. Beaus attention span is still short, but they all 3 think it’s such a treat to get some time on theirs!

So today I am going to share some of their favorite apps! I love to see them playing some educational ones, like Endless Alphabet {letters, sounds and puzzles}, but some of their favorites hold very little educational value. And I am ok with that especially if it keeps them content on a busy airplane! Ha!

Grant’s Favorite apps {He is 5 1/2}:

Jurassic World: HANDS DOWN his favorite, and a lot of his buddies’ favorite too! I have no idea how to play, but he builds a park of his own with dinos and the works. The dinosaurs can earn stars and battle each other. Always the first thing he plays. Is free but can use money to buy things in the app if you wanted to. They are all always buzzing about new stars, and higher levels! you are a worm and eat glowing dots to get longer. Apparently you are playing against other people on the internet but you would never know it. He and I like to take turns seeing who can get a higher score.

Subway Surf- super fun game where you are a kid on a skateboard in the subway tunnels. Bright colors and easy enough for a 5 year old but fun enough for a mom!

Block Craft- I am thinking this may be similar to mine craft without the internet interaction. He builds things…that’s about the only way he will explain it to me 😉

Disney Cross Roads- A Disney guy has to cross various roads…think frogger.

Dino Water World- This kid loves dinosaurs

Toca Boo- You get to be a ghost inside of a haunted house. All 3 of mine have played with this one and seem to enjoy it!

Smack the Gugl- You have to smash little green guys before the time runs out. Fun to take turns and play against each other for high score.

Stella’s Favorite apps {She is 4}:

YouTube Kids- She LOVES YouTube. I turned on the microphone access so she can say what she wants to search {y’all this saves my sanity}.

The Camera- Sister loves a selfie so just playing with the camera and taking pics makes her pretty happy! She will also spend a lot of time scrolling through old pictures as well

Toca Haircut- You can use the camera to take a selfie, then cut, color, buzz, curl, etc. your hair however you like! It’s cute and it’s funny! All 3 kids have enjoyed.

Baby Birthday- You get to pick a baby, pick her hair and outfit and all and celebrate her birthday. If your child loves baby dolls, or dressing up, it’s the best of both worlds!

Superstar Barbie- She loves the music on this ap and you get to be apart of a rock show.

Music- I am not kidding. She is a mini teen. I downloaded the Trolls soundtrack on iTunes and she will just sit back and listen to the songs! Ha!

Bowie’s Favorite aps {He is 2}:

Beau loves the Jurassic Park ap but really has to idea how to play…I am certain he just likes it because Grant is always doing that  one!

Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelings- Once you open this ap, there is a trolly game and Beau loves and I feel like is good for him to practice using his pointer finger and problem solve. He is a lot like Grant was when he was small and wants to use middle finger.

Injini- THIS IS A GREAT AP! All 3 of mine have enjoyed since they were small…but now the bigs are bored with it, but it has lots of games within it!

Clumsy Ninja- Beau has no idea what he is doing with this game, but he LOVES it. You are a ninja and have to train, but super cute images and very little kid friendly. Grant likes this too and can actually figure it out.

Endless Alphabet- Beau loves any puzzle app, but this one he likes in particular. Each letter also makes the appropriate sounds so I feel like maybe he is learning and doesn’t even know it!

Any and all of the Monkey PreSchool games- all of the kids have played and still do. PreSchool lunchbox was our entry one. Zuzu bananas is one Beau currently likes.


I should note that most of these games have like zero educational value…they have lots of educational games on their iPads, but wanted to share the ones they actually spent their time playing. When it comes to travel I don’t mind what they do on their iPads as long as they are happy travelers!

What are your kid’s favorite iPad Apps? Stella is feeling good now so our road trip is back on and I am going to need to keep these kiddos entertained!!

Have a great week and STAY HEALTHY!