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Hey all! I am starting a little series that will run the month of January, on planning for a trip my family has coming up in February! We are heading south {que all the praise hands} and since we don’t live by stores, will need to order the things we need to take ahead of time…so starting now. In this series, hoping to cover swimsuits, clothing, what to take on the airplane for toddlers, what to wear on travel days, sunscreens and other must brings, current iPad apps to download, and maybe one on how to capture the trip when I get back. Any other ideas you all have, or things you’d like to see, I would love to hear about!

Today, I am talking swimsuits.

I LOVE swimsuits. We have a pool and live in it in the summer so I am not afraid to invest in a swimsuit that I love. BUT I also love a bargain find. My favorite suit from last summer was a black scalloped one from Old Navy, and it is the first thing I will throw in my bag for this trip. Here is one JUST like it out at Target right now. It’s SO flattering! And so easy to “mom” in.

I am considering this from Victoria’s Secret {gimme all the ruffles} and this one. I also have some Anthropologie store credit {ummm is there anything better than some store credit you have lying around in your wallet?? I think not #freemoney} and I think I may be cray and get this suit. Too expensive but I am so obsessed. It will surely look horrible on, and have to be returned {those dang swimsuit models}. In which I will get back my free money…but oh the thrill of the ride! Stay tuned…but meanwhile, I’ve been searching the sites are here are my current faves out right now:

As a mom of little kids, I am also considering trying one of these Raising Wild suits out! I saw them on Shark tank and think their suits are stylish AND will stay in place chasing kiddos! I sometimes have a hard time with suits that are practical for still carrying a baby, while feeling like they are cute! Have any of you tried these suits?

Chad’s much easier. He wants trunks {NOT BOARD SHORTS}, and mid length. He has several but wanted a couple new pairs for our trip. I ordered these which I LOVE {also ordered the mini pair for Grant}, and these. Here are some other trunks I’ve looked at.

The kids have had major growth spurts and no longer fit in most of their stuff from last summer.

For Stella, I ordered several mix and match pieces from Kortni Jeane. Freaking the cutest suits ever. She had one last summer and it held up great, plus she has sizes like 4/5 which are perfect for Stella! I am also drooling over this Target suit for her. So chic!! This was HER favorite suit last summer

Here are some of the suits I have looked at for the kids:

Once I get our swimwear ironed out, and order each of the kids a pair of these {which we live in all summer anyway}, they will pretty much be set 😉 Seriously other than suits and jams, that is just about all they need!

Happy Shopping and happy swimming all!  Hope your week is starting out warmer than ours!!! And please let me know what other “travel” kinds of things you would like to see!

9 thoughts on “Travel Series: Swimwear

  1. Lydia Raftery

    Yes! I am excited to see this post. I too have an upcoming trip and have been stumped on what swimwear to bring. I am thinking about ordering the Raising Wild suit in green.

  2. Jess L

    I have been trying to think of a good reason to buy that Anthropologie suit {really just the bottoms…so cute!} If it is the same “Made by Dawn” suit you can also grab it at Revolve with a 10% off coupon!

    1. Admin Post author

      Get out of town!! I didn’t know!! Unfortunately I don’t have any store cred there right now ;-P But i’m with you on the bottoms! I keep thinking about what top I have that I could wear with it!! Thanks for sharing lady!

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