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Where is my Panic Monster?! Inside the head of a procrastinator…

This. You guys. Wanna get in my brain. Watch this.

There is a lot of crap posted to Facebook these days. Instagram seems to be more of my happy place. But recently when I got on, I saw that my friend, and the youth pastor at my church, had posted a video.  Normally I am a keep-on-scrolling type of gal, but I think he and his wife are pretty much #goals in the parenting {and pretty much life department} so I decided to click on the link.

Holy Moly. This guy’s description of the procrastinator’s mind is DEAD ON. Read me like a book.

Even if you don’t care about learning about how the mind of a procrastinator works, watch it. The ending has stuck with me now for days.

It’s 14 min.

Watch it while you wash your face tonight, or while you eat your lunch, or sort the laundry.

I tend to “dream big but lack follow thru” {as my girlfriend Casey says}…not intentionally, but just happens. All of the time.

After watching tho, I am actively trying to live differently.


{ps I think I need to tattoo this Panic Monster on my hand to remind myself to get on it}

pps. This is a super different type of post, but when I come across something like this, I just gotta share.

pps. Any other procrastinators out there?

ppps. If you are a VISUAL procrastinator like me, I am considering ordering this planner to help me better structure my time…and maybe this to help in the kitchen department. Any of you guys use stuff like this?