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Why “Growing up Gill”

Today, am sharing the “what is” and “why is”,
Processed with VSCO with t1 presetSo little over a year ago I started “Growing up Gill”.  And I pretty much started it out of fear. Weird huh?

Last spring some girlfriends of mine were chatting at the pool about a blogger that had suddenly passed away, leaving behind a husband and two very small girls.  They were saying how tragic and sad it was, but at least the girls would have their mom’s blogs so that as they got older, they might know a little bit about her and who she was.

Um, I have a weird phobia/anxiety/fear, not sure what you call it, about dying and leaving my kids behind.  So this blogging idea weighed on me for weeks.  And thus I started Growing Up Gill, pretty much a peak into our lives and somewhat of a letter to my kids.  A way for them to know how we spent our days and how I felt about them during these young years, that they surely won’t remember, but I always will.


Well, since that start, Growing Up Gill has changed a bit, or a lot, the way things tend to do as time passes.  A little over a year ago I decided to post about what it was like finding out about Beau’s cleft lip and palate at our ultrasound…feeling like it was a good way to share with my friends and family the answers to questions they felt like they couldn’t/shouldn’t ask.  And so that as Beau got older, he would know exactly what it was like, and how much we are obsessed with him and proud of him and how strong he was even as a tiny new baby.

That post, picked up by the Washington Post, brought more visitors to the blog, and I started to receive lots of emails {and still do}…and for the first time, I realized it wasn’t just my parents and sister reading the blogs, but there were other moms out there reading. Moms like me, and moms not like me.  Friends I knew, and strangers I’d never met.

Let be back up by saying I have been a “sharer” my entire life. Having a sister a year and a half younger than me, meant we shared pretty much everything…and as an adult, I want to share every new product, clothing item, parenting idea, book, drink, etc. that I come across with EVERYONE.  I am so excited if anyone ever asks about where I got what I am wearing or for my opinion on something.  So the blog was turning into a great place for me to share.

I starting with things I am asked about a lot, which is pictures.  Instagram has become increasingly popular each year, and I started to have a lot of people asking what filters I used, how I took our family pics, etc.  And you guys, I LOVED SHARING!!

So this blog of mine has morphed into what I hope is this kind of one-stop-shop for moms, aunts, friends, women of all ages.  I hope those who check it out are either entertained, inspired, educated, interested, or hopeful.  It’s simply about what it is to ‘Grow Up Gill’…finding my way as a mom, wife, daughter and friend…its about the good {and the crazy} about raising 3 wild monkeys, its about what we wear, the things we like {and things we don’t}, the places we go, the good days, the bad days, and the crazy days.

I kind of think of the blog like a trip to the restroom with your girlfriend…ya know, when you are out in a group at dinner and you jump up from the table to go use the bathroom and a friend says to wait and she’ll go to.  And then on your walk there and back, you end of chatting about important things like the kids, or unimportant things like your color lipstick or what happened on the bachelor the night before…like that.  Short conversations that matter.

If you are a follower, I hope you leave here feeling good.

I am hoping to make the world better in small, do-able ways… whether it be to share where I found a killer pair of jeans, or remind another stir-crazy stay at home mom that her kid isn’t the only one raising hell in the isles at Walmart. I am just a girl…not a stylist or chef or photographer or doctor or child specialist. But I have realized this past year that there are a lot of girls just like me out there, looking to make their photographs a little clearer, their closets a little trendier, and most importantly, their families happier and their lives fuller.

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So thanks for hanging with me, as I try to navigate these blogging waters, and as Growing Up Gill morphs into whatever it is destined to be.  I am always open to new topics or suggestions so please feel free to comment or email with ideas or questions! {seriously send! help me avoid writers block or bore you to death}

Hugs to all and thank you thank you.

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