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Working out in Style

It’s that time of year that people are ditching their healthy eating and good habits in the name of Holiday fun and cheer…and by people I mean me. I am giving myself some leeway and telling myself I will get my pie consumption under control come the first of the year.

Aside from a slimmer waistline, clothes are super motivating for me! And there is no quicker way to get me in the gym, that a new pair of yoga pats or comfy hoody! Today I am sharing all of my favorites {wants and haves} when it comes to workout gear.

So get your scrolling fingers ready…all the pictures should be linked!

When it comes to PANTS: You know that for non-working out, these lulus are my obsession. Seriously, its a major lovefest. But, for actually hitting the gym, these are my current favorite because they are tight and SO high waisted! Helps this mama hold it all in ;-P I also like this lulu option for high waisted pants.

When it comes to SPORTS BRAS: I need little support so love this one because it is so cute…and I dream of the day I may actually wear it as a top…who are we kidding…never gonna happen. But it’s still always fun to wear cute things even when no one sees them but you! Right??

When it comes to TANKS: I am all over the place. I like em long, cropped, slinky, cotton…but my favorite right now may be this one or this one.

When it comes to SWEATSHIRTS and JACKETS:  I want them all. seriously. I am cold ALL of the time, so I like to have quite a few on rotation as I run around town after the gym! This, This and This are my current loves.And this one is still sold out {DYING for you} but will keep you up to date…BUT my girlfriend Jamie walked in the gym wearing this one yesterday and it looks a ton like it!! It’s SO cute.

Ok girls! All I have time for today! Send your motivational energy my way tomorrow morning so hopefully I can kick a little more butt in the gym than I did today!

As always, thanks for stopping by!