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Workout “Secrets” and Getting Back to ME.

Happy Monday friends!! This cold and gloomy weather has us INSIDE {and losing our minds}. We are SO excited for a fun week of Christmas prep ahead…but I am also already counting down the days until the weather may warm up again…and that is a very very high number! Wah!

Today I am talking about my #gymlife. I’ve gotten a lot of messages about what workouts I do and have found myself talking about this a lot lately with my girlfriends.

Fitness is not something I am far from an expert at, but I have been an athlete my entire life and it just recently has become a consistent little chunk of my life again.  A part I didn’t always really realize I was missing. I have had a few people ask me recently about what I’ve been doing at the gym, and just like fashion, or kid-stuff, I love to SHARE SHARE SHARE when I find something I love. So today, I am sharing what I’ve found that is making go to the gym both fun and productive…and only takes 30 minutes!! Ha! Makes you wanna read on huh?

Social Media can be so full of lies, and lead a lot of women to think that most of us girls just bounce right back into our pre-baby bodies in no time.  What a bunch of crap.

For me it’s been 5 1/2 years {and 3 babies} to finally really start feeling comfortable in my own skin again.

BUT I have finally found a rhythm and something that works. Half an hour a day. A consistant, dedicated, heart pounding 30 minutes..but will get to that in a bit.

So, here goes a lil background.

When I was pregnant with Grant, I was SO excited. Like so freaking excited. And I was dying to get that “baby bump”. I was also teaching full time, an hour away from where I was living. So, instead of working out in the evenings, I kicked back {graded papers} and ate whatever I felt like. And ya know what…I loved it and didn’t feel an ounce of guilt. I actually loved seeing my belly grow so quickly. I kindof just ignored that everything else was growing too.

BUT, I can remember the day at the doctor’s office that I actually turned and stopped looking at the scale. Woah boy. It was high. Honestly I really don’t even know just how high it got…But I was still so excited about this little babe that I didn’t care enough to change my ways. Nachos Bell Grande almost every day. Chad will verify.**this picture was taken almost a month before I had Grant. I actually have very few pictures from my pregnancies because I never felt they accurately portrayed what I looked like in person…this is also known as DENIAL ;-P Ha!**

Well, having 3 kids in a 3 1/2 year span, reeks havoc on your body. 3 c-sections only made “bouncing back” all that much harder. Seriously, I had pants in just about every size the stores had to offer.

After each baby, like all moms, I felt some pressure on myself to get the weight off.  Thankfully I am married to a guy who never once said a word about it, and girlfriends that lied through their teeth, telling me how good I was looking. Seriously what would be do without our girlfriends? They kept my self esteem up even when I was feeling discouraged with my mirror image and the way my clothing fit.

Living in a tiny town, gyms didn’t offer childcare, and I was not about to spend $20 for a babysitter per workout…I do not workout hard enough to justify that! Ha!  And truth be told, it was hard to find the time, the motivation and the ENERGY to get back into the swing of working out. I dabbled a little with crossfit {but my knees started crackling and it kinda phased out of the gym I went to}, and tried to walk with the stroller some, but we don’t have sidewalks and live off a rural highway…blah blah blah.

Then this summer, my girlfriend/trainer/fitness blogger Ashely {over at FitandPrettyLife}, worked with me twice a week for just a couple of months, to help me re-learn pretty much “how to workout” and how to use gym equipment. It had been a long time ;-P. She was super helpful and knowledgeable and in no time, I felt ready to head off on my own {though still seek her guidance from time to time}.

Well…it’s now been over 5 years since my first pregnancy, and we finally have a gym in town with an awesome child care, and I have found my niche!

And so here are my 2 big tips to getting back at it!

1. Find a friend to workout with. I’ve read this so many times, but OHHHH MY GOSHHHHHH it’s the truth.  When she texts me in the morning about meeting, I know I have to show. She keeps me accountable, motivates me to keep pace with her, and commiserates with me when we are both too sore to move the next day. FIND YOUR PERSON. Swear. Game changer. Mine is my girlfriend Marissa and she kicks my butt 3 times a week. Plus, when we are able to breathe, we chat while we workout, which makes it ohhhh maybe 9 million times more enjoyable.

**This is NOT Marissa ;-)…but these two love going to the gym, so it’s sometimes that extra push I need to get there**

2. HAVE A PLAN. Huge. HUGE. HUGE. For me, it’s “Kayla Insines’ Bikini Body Guide”. And this is what I really want to share!!

Her plan includes 3, 28 minute INTENSE workouts a week. One day legs, one arms and one abs, and then 30 minutes of a light intensity cardio {like walking an incline, jogging, running, whatever you like} on 3 in-between days. It’s flexible, easy to follow, and will kick your butt! Plus if you look her up on insta, you will wanna download the ap because she is major #goals. But keep in mind fellow mamas-she is in her 20s and has no kids ;-P She is also constantly posting other women’s before and afters on her page and is awesome to see the progress! Such inspiration and motivation! And with women of all shapes, sizes and ages!

This is Kayla…Marissa and I joke that we love her, and we hate her! Ha! She seriously kicks our butts! Click here to see her insta account, or here to her website.

For me it’s not just about “getting skinny” or “fit”…it’s also about not being winded walking up the stairs with a sleeping child in my arms, it’s about carrying Beau in and out, store after store running errands, it’s about chasing Grant around the yard and actually catching him.

It’s about being strong and healthy.

It’s about showing my kids that I matter to me too.  And I wanna be around for the next 100 years for them.  I wanna feel like ‘me’, not just like mom. And hey, if I can fit in my skinny jeans, then that’s a major bonus.

I hope by sharing this {and Kayla} I will help other mamas like me, find their way back to feeling like themselves and their way around a gym.  To arm them with a plan, and a virtual pat on the back…a reminder that WE CAN DO IT.

So go now, and check out her program. It’s so very simple to follow, and I would be seriously be so happy to answer any questions you have about it because I feel so strongly about it. It’s a life changer for me.  And I am so thankful I found it. Only wish someone had told me about it a lot sooner.


Oh, and if you sign up, and get the app, let me know! It’s fun knowing we aren’t alone and that my butt is not the only one Kayla is kicking!! Give yourself the gift of YOU for Christmas.